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Weaved Fabric Strips Envelope Pillow

weaved strips of fabric are turned into an envelope pillow for Valentines

I usually make envelope pillow covers because first of all, they're easy, they don't need a zipper or complicated closure and I can take them off the pillow form at any time to wash them and re-use them later on.
These pillows were crafted after most of the items on the Valentine Mantel were made, and I wanted something on the same theme and/or color scheme.

I know, hard to find. ;)
That's why I made them.
They are far from perfect, but in my opinion, that added to the rustic feel the mantel had. 

The main material came from two plain t-shirts and one sweater I bought at a thrift store, for only one buck a piece, they were a good alternative to create the pillows and I could even pick whichever colors I wanted. 

However, the pillow began with three pieces of fabric cut out from an old flat bed sheet, taking advantage of the already hemmed sides. ;)
parts of an envelope pillow

These are the dimensions I usually use.
instructions on how to make a 17 x 17 envelope pillow
The t-shirts and sweater were diagonally marked and...

Repurposing old t-shirts as pillow covers

Two inch strips were cut from the front of each

strips of pink, magenta and blue fabric

They were laid diagonally on top of the front piece of the pillow cover
envelope pillow with weaved design

Then, the other way, weaving them.
diy - weaved strips of fabric

They were pinned in place and the excess was trimmed around the form.
pillow forms

All the strips were then zig zag stiched.
pillow designs

sweater and t-shirt strips of fabric for envelope

Once done sewing the strips of fabric to the front cover, the two white back pieces were attached to put the pillow cover together, sewing all around.
how to make an envelope pillow

If you're a novice at sewing like I'm, I'll recommend you to skip the t-shirt fabric, it stretches too much!

t-shirt and sweater pillow

My excuse is that all those wrinkles give them the rustic factor. :)
envelope pillow for Valentines daY

Anyhow, I'm enjoying them!
criss cross fabric for envelope pillow

molding heart, rustic arrows, fabric hearts and pink and blue valentine's day mantel
Valentine Mantel

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  1. I think these pillows are so cute (they would look great in a little girls room too!) Very neat and simple sewing project :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. This is absolutely my favorite among all your pillows Cristina! LOVE IT!

  3. What a clever idea! I love them!

  4. What a clever idea! I love them!

  5. How adorable! They look super against your heart on the mantel too!

  6. They are beautiful! I also love making pillow covers. So easy to use and great for storage.

  7. I love the pink, red and turquoise together. One day I will learn how to sew and pillow covers will be my first project!

  8. You have some serious pillow-making skills! Love them all!!!

  9. your projects are always so amazing. i wanted to let you know that your graphics are void. it looks like wherever they are stored in photobucket has reached it's capacity.

  10. I love them, I and the "rustic" factor is just perfect!

  11. I love this pillow! Great colors!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ The Submarine Sunday Link Party

  12. Very cute pillows! Feeling inspired to make some of my own.

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