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Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom Makeover on a budget with DIY - Bathtub cover - transformed vanity and more.

A small bathroom makeover on a budget.

There were still some final details that I needed to take care of in this little bath. but I couldn't hold it any longer, so here is the bathroom reveal!

Remember, this wasn't a..."I'm going to change everything" kind of thing. It was a cheap makeover. Same vanity, bathroom faucet, counter, mirror, bathtub... The change came with paint, accessories and a little bit of doing this and that ;)

Let's check the before of this bathroom!

The honey oak vanity that was a disaster inside, the plain 'ol tub, the Hollywood lights and lots of yellow paint.
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Painting the inside and outside, getting rid of the doors and adding a shelf was all this vanity needed. I love its brand new, sleek look.

You can read everything about the Vanity Makeover right HERE.

vanity makeover with added shelf and getting rid of doors

Then, I turned my attention to the bathtub. No more plain Jane tub! 

I built a wooden panel cover to take care of that problem. 

Get all the details about the Bathtub Wood Panel Cover right HERE.

How to cover a plain tub with a wooden cover

The curtain rod was changed for a curved one, now the shower feels more spacious. A shampoo rack helps keep the tub area clutter free.

bathroom makeover on a budget

The walls were painted the same gray color I've been using around the house: Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray - Flat.  

But not happy with simply painting the wall, I created this design to prove my patience. I now know, it was all worth it. ;)  

Check how you can create the stencil and how to paint this stenciled design right HERE.

how to make an stencil design

Later on, a shelf was created to utilize that little space behind the door with storage and decorative accents. 

Learn how to build a Behind the Wall Shelf right HERE.

how to build a shelf for use behind a door

The mirror was framed, a piece of  wall art was created, the towel bar was changed. It's all in the little details!

How to add feet to a vanity

I love how nice the bathroom smells with so many soaps around.

A new area rug helps hide a little bit the not so pretty floor.

And... No bathroom should be left without some pretty accessories.

Blue teal container on orange shelf

Gray, orange bath makeover with dark furniture
| Vanity Light | Wall Art | Rug | Pulls |

My kids are loving their new bathroom, so far they have kept it clean, lets hope for that to continue. :)

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  1. I LOVE it! The changes you made were all high impact things! It is beautiful. Love the wall.. I think that is my favorite part. Well, and the tub facing. I may have to steal that. It is so nice, with a pop of color and a happy feeling!

  2. wow that is a big project! it turned out great!

  3. You blow me away!!! That looks fantastic!! The panel on the bathtub is divine. Great job. Thanks for sharing with us. Wishing you a grand evening. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  4. I thought your after pic was a magazine inspiration! It looks amazing.

  5. Sigh... a girl after my own heart.

    LOVIN' it!

    Lovin' the color --- the creativity --- the artwork --- the efficiency of price vs. effect.

    Double-Wide in the Sky

  6. your make-over is very impressive, the bathroom feels so modern and fresh, you are an inspiration!

  7. It looks wonderful and you did a fantastic job on it, I'm loving the tub!

  8. I agree with Micki- the after pic looks like a magazine inspiration photo! My favorite part is the paneled tub cover. It makes a huge {and beautiful} impact!

  9. simplemente lindo!!!!! me encanta la pared y la comodidad de las toallas de mano, que buena idea!!!!

  10. Cristina- I have seen the bits and pieces of your bath over time but not a whole post about the whole thing. I love it! You did a remarkable job- xo Diana

  11. The changes are incredible! You did an awesome job!

    There is a link party going on in my blog today. I would LOVE for you to share this :)


  12. What a makeover! You did a real fabulous job styling everything. I really love the paneling around the tub, this gave me some inspiration. The colors are beautiful.

  13. WOW!! What a great job!! You are very talented!! Great eye for color too!
    Stopping by via Addicts Anonymous

  14. great makeover! love everything about it. total transformation!

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

  15. This is an incredible transformation without changing the entire structure of the bathroom! WOW!
    I'm obsessed with your paneled tub - clicked over to the tutorial of that and I'm sold on the idea ;)
    The stenciled wall is beautiful too!
    Heck, I loved every detail you shared :)

  16. Wow - what an amazing transformation! The conversion of your oak vanity is genius. Great job!

  17. That is amazing! I love the open vanity shelving, and I love the paneled cover you created for the bath! The contrast in the bathroom is beautiful! :)


  18. This looks awesome! Great job. I'm a sucker for stenciling.

  19. That is gorgeous! I LOVE the colors!! I would love for you to share this (and any other house projects) at my "May House Par-tay" at!

  20. Gorgeous! You have done an amazing job with this bathroom! Worth all the hard work!

  21. The bathroom looks wonderful, you did such a great job! Love the orange, a real fun pop of colour.

  22. Thanks for sharing at our UFO link party. You were one of the features! Congrats! I have a featured button for you here

  23. It looks sooooo goood!!!

    I love it! Linking it to my FB page right now!
    Great job.

  24. Get outta TOWN!!! Your Bathroom looks STUNNING!!!!!! I love this- and love that you made All of it on your own! This is Exactly what I want to do in my Boys Bathoom!! Great job-- SUPER job! I am simply in LOVE! Thanks for sharing..following your bad to the bone blog now! -Jen

  25. This makeover is gorgeous! You did an amazing job! I'm a new follower!

  26. This is very creative! I've pinned the shelves because that is the most genius (imo). I really like what you did just taking off the doors of the vanity - makes such a big change. Good job!

  27. Wow.Wow! Beautiful transformation! It's hard to believe it's the same space! I love all of your creative DIY in this room. Great job!

  28. I too had to do a mostly paint bath makeover. I can totally appreciate yours! You did a great job. It looks like a completely new space!! Enjoy all your hard work. Bravo ;)

  29. Wow! What a fabulous makeover. I have a similar looking bathroom and you have given me hope that it can look on a budget.

  30. Beatiful transformation! Love the pops of color!

  31. I love how bright and airy your makeover is! The pops of color are great, too!
    Awesome makeover!
    xo Becca

  32. What a transformation. It looks so wonderful. Great job!!

  33. Fabuloso! What an inspiration to me! I have a very similar bathroom in need of a redo now that my daughter is moving out. Thanks for sharing such a great project -- LOVE your blog!

  34. Oh wow that's incredible! My absolute favorite part has got to be the orange shelves behind the door, genius! This gives me hope that you can redo a bathroom simply and still have it be fabulous!

  35. This is so impressive! I love the colors you chose, your stencil and the paneled bathtub cover-I've never seen anything like that-I'm in the middle of my bath makeover right now and plan on using some of those pops of orange-and have the same stencil too. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration :)

  36. Wow, the power of paint! Plus your brilliance and skills of course. This is gorgeous. The pop of color from the shelves is my favorite,

  37. Gorgeous!! I'm in love with the orange shelf!! The pop of color is so pretty. And of course the stenciled wall is just amazing!! I would love it if you stopped by and linked up to my Throwback Thursday party {goes through Sunday night}!

  38. I really like your vanity with all the open-ness! The entire room is awesome!

  39. Did you have to do anything special to the cabinet before you painted it? It looks beautiful!

  40. Thank you so much, everyone! Anonymous, I didn't do anything special, first it was primed and then two coats of paint were applied, as I did with the kitchen cabinets here:

  41. Fabulous! I love tub and the cabinet....well done!

  42. Where did you get your "shampoo rack?" I've been looking for one to go over the towel rack in the tub.

  43. Lauren, That rack is an over-the-door storage solution I found at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It didn't work that well for my kids, too high for them to reach those bottles, and just yesterday I saw little bits of rust on it! :(

  44. Such a beautiful transformation! Love it all!

  45. Thanks for your comment over on my blog!! I appreciate it so much, especially coming from you!! I love your blog, it is my greatest inspiration. And actually my bathroom redo was going to include the frame for the tub, but I had a really hard time figuring out how to get this started. My tub has a funky curve to it, can you assist me with that? Thanks in advance!!!

  46. Christina! Wow is all I can say! Wow!

    We are joining your lovely blog. Glad we found you! Please check us out.

    Linda at The French Hens nest

  47. WOWWWW!!! I am getting ready to re-do my bathroom & I LOVVVVEE this makeover! Great job & I am fasinated by the towel holders on the vanity. Have never seen that...Love it!

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  50. Great makeovers. Hope you can do my apartment's bathroom. :P

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