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Fabric Wall Art

I was looking for an inexpensive piece of art to fill the space beneath the little window in the kids bathroom.

I already had the frame, and the print was part of my baby boy’s nursery. It’s been quite a long time since I used it. He is now 9 years old. Time do fly. Well, it is now time to reuse it.

This time, instead of using a print, I got these two pieces of fabric at the fabric store.  Brown Burlap 1 yd. / $3 and the orange print (Trop Faylinn Terrace Mandarin) 0.375 yd. for $5.

Using another lightweight poster that I also have inside that frame, I cut the burlap fabric to size.

I was ready to begin using spray adhesive to attach the burlap to the poster but the whiteness of the poster came through the burlap fabric and it didn’t look ok.  So first I had to attach pieces of brown construction paper onto the poster.

The adhesive was applyed to the burlap fabric to attached it to the poster.

And then it was trimmed all around.

I used a letter size construction paper as my guide to cut around the orange print, leaving a 1/2” seam all around.

Ironing the folds to the back and trimming the excess fabric from the corners.

But while looking through my scrap pieces of fabric I found a lovely blue print that I thought would work perfectly with the other elements in the bathroom.  For that blue fabric I just cut all around trying to keep a straight line, following the pattern.

I then applied the spray adhesive on it and attached it to the burlap mat I've already done.

I did the same thing for the orange print.

Put it inside the frame…

and here all finish!

And onto the bathroom wall goes my "masterpice"!

For the complete bathroom makeover click HERE.


  1. Perfect! It looks great! Especially with the chevron rug!


  2. Love it, I pinned it too! I'm looking for something to put on either side of my diningroom hutch, I may have to try this:) Great job and it looks so nice in the bathroom!

  3. Cristina- It looks really, really nice. It is fresh and pretty and eye-catching. Love it. You did a great job- xo Diana

  4. Cristina, I love the colors and print in the fabrics! Don't you just love recycling frames :)

  5. Cristina, you did a great job. The nice thing is you can adapt the process anywhere you want to change things up or think needs a jolt of color.

  6. Very cute, and it looks awesome in your bathroom.

  7. Me encantó la idea, es como arte moderno, muy fácil de hacer... Gracias por compartirlo.

  8. Love it all - it looks awesome. Great color choices!

  9. Perfect. I love your combination of fabrics. Great project. Thanks for the tutorial and for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  10. Cristina, I made one following your tutorial. It looks beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Good and best idea,i love your work,I will it on my home.While pasting things i want to use the Best Adhesive Manufacturers in India

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