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Mercedes-Benz Stadium Tour

April 19, 2019

Hey there!
Las Monday I was happy to be back in Atlanta, as part of the tool review program for the Home Depot. It's always fun to come for a few days to hang out with blogging friends, all while learning, enjoying the city and getting to try lots of new tools.
This time around, one of the highlights of the program was taking the tour of this magnificent building, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of the Atlanta Falcons!

Well guys, The Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the most sustainable sports venue in the world. The stadium can power

Time To Take Care of The Lawn With An Eco-Lawn

April 15, 2019
overseeding your lawn

Last week, along side my husband, I embarked on the task of bringing our outdoor spaces back to life. For the past two years we had done nothing to them, well, besides cutting the grass each week. Boy oh boy, everything has gone to seed!

Our little Louie, the Yorkshire Terrier we adopted last year, has been a big factor on the lawn damage that's happening in the backyard... for his small size, it's amazing to see the huge amount of bold spots he has given the lawn.  We're trying to fix that problem by re-seeding the backyard with an Eco-Lawn. I'll explain more about this later in the post.

For now, let me show you the problems we were dealing with and further down you can check the progress we made so far.

Creative Ways For Making Your Small Bath Feel Larger

April 09, 2019
Gorgeous bouquet of peonies in bath counter

A few months ago my brother-in-law asked me if I was interested in taking pictures of a bathroom renovation that he and his team were going to tackle. My answer.. Well, hello YES!! Surely, he doesn't read my blog, because you all know how much I love the before and afters of a project! :)

I went to this pretty apartment in DC and took a few pictures before the renovation started. Then, last week, I went back to witness the amazing after.  LOVE it!!

I'm going to start this bathroom reveal with a few comparison pictures (I can't skip those before and afters 😉). Additionally, I'll be listing a few creative ideas they used to make this small bath feel larger.

Let's start with the following picture...

DIY - Engraved Wooden Eggs - Easter Decor

April 05, 2019
This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.
Easter eggs engraved

The displays on the stores and pictures all around social media keep on reminding me that Easter is fast approaching. While I usually don't go overboard on Easter decor, I always try to create one decor item to display on the mantel or a tablescape. This time around, I spent a good amount of time trying to grab a new skill: Engraving.  The results are very amateur... but, the satisfaction of getting started is priceless!

My 9 Best Tips for Installing Cabinet Drawers

April 01, 2019

Welcome April!

Winter is finally gone and here we are already starting the fourth month of the year.. Time's flying!
Anyhoo, my last post was all about the organization I gave that base cabinet in my office. It was a long post that also included a lot of other organization projects my blogging friends completed for the DIY challenge. You can go to that post right HERE.

I didn't give much details on how to install those drawers because I didn't want to make that post any longer. And well, here I am, with my very best nine tips for making the installation a little more bearable.

March Challenge - Office Organizer Drawers

March 25, 2019
This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.
Good morning everyone!

It's time for another DIY  Challenge and this one is all about organization. I'm teaming up with a group of bloggers to bring you a monthly challenge. For March, we had to pick a messy space in our homes and organize it. Ha, I think this was easy, we all have messy spaces in our homes! At the end of this post you can find the links to visit all the projects my friends created.

As for me, I've been creating storage solutions around our home, the built-in in the family room is a good example of this. However, my problem has been organizing the inside of those spaces.

For this challenge, I decided to organize one of the

Tool Review: Milwaukee Chainsaw

March 21, 2019
This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that one day I would be using a chainsaw. Ha, all I can say is, it was  a lot of fun and easier to use than what I thought!
Last weekend I had a blast using the Milwaukee M18 FUEL 16 in. Chainsaw. A cordless, brushless and powerful tool that went through this tree trunk like butter!

Here's a little video

Spring Home Tour

March 19, 2019
 Hi there!

I've been adding little touches of Spring around the house these past few weeks and I'm very excited to be taking you on my spring home tour today! My dear friend Marty from A Stroll Thru Life has organized, once again, a whole week of Spring home tours for you to enjoy. At the end of this post you'll find the links to all the blogs participating in this blog hop. If you're coming from my friend Laura from Duke Manor Farm, welcome! I love Laura's home, inside and out!

For those of you new to RLC, I'm Cristina a Colombian born gal with a
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