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Conquering The Chaos: Closet Organization

small Closet organization

Does your closet resemble a clothing avalanche waiting to happen? Don't worry, you're not alone. Many people struggle with closet organization, but with a little effort, you can transform your chaotic space into a serene and functional haven.

As mentioned, my sister-in-law, Fanny, recently moved to the area and needed help transforming her empty bedroom into a cozy haven. We tackled the furniture and decor first -check out my previous post!

bedroom storage and decor

Fanny had unpacked her suitcases and filled the closet as best she could, but I saw an opportunity to make it even more functional.

Let's take a look at that closet and all the challenges my SIL was facing with this setup:

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Conquering The Chaos: Closet Organization Tips


1. The top left side was full of shoe boxes. The storage boxes worked OK at containing and protecting a small part of Fanny's extensive shoe collection. However, when retrieving some of the lower shoe boxes, she had to juggle all the other boxes on top.

2. The shoe storage on the door was an interesting solution. However, it was the first element I had to fix when entering the room. The entire "bag of shoes" was slipping out from the door-mounted brackets it came with. The metal brackets' 90-degree normal position bent to 150-degree because the setup was too heavy! This bag of shoes on the closet's door gave the closet a bulky appearance, and I was worried about the door's stability in the long run.

3. There was wasted space on the right top above the shelf.

4. The lower part of the closet was a disaster! The left corner was crowded with boots—yep, those long cardboard boxes were long/tall boots. The two big plastic containers are part of her business. The two lower plastic boxes were full of medicines and other items she likes to have at hand.

5. That black storage bench on the lower right was my nemesis! I called it the black coffin. :) I wanted to get rid of it ASAP.

a messy closet



The stacked shoe storage boxes were upgraded to a much better option than sports doors on the front of each box. The little doors and the transparent material make these boxes a winning choice when retrieving a pair of shoes in any given spot.

The boxes are delivered flat. We had to assemble them, which took us about 10 minutes. Once we finished making the first box, it all speeded up.

Clear plastic stackable shoe storage boxes


I didn't escape from a DIY project for this closet makeover.  Having a shelf on the floor to store all the shoes makes more sense than having them on the door.

The shelf was built to cover the entire length of the closet. I used 1 x 12 x 8 primed pine for its construction. 

This is a two-part shelf. The lower and top parts can be taken apart for easy transport. 

The entire shelf was assembled with the pocket hole system. The lower part of both outer supports was installed 3/4" in, which is the space for the baseboards. A wooden dowel on the center of the top three legs & top of the lower plank keeps both pieces together.

How to make a shoe shelf to store shoes inside the closet

Oh well, let's see how this shelf looks inside the closet.

So neat!
Shoe storage and organization inside the closet

This closet is a testament to its lively and color-loving owner.

Can you see the long boot boxes picking out on the right of that top shelf? They all fit in that corner.
Small closet makeover


We skipped the purging and sorting during this closet makeover, as Fanny had done before the trip. For all the hanging space, we did the following:

  • Clothes were separated by type. Dresses went to the far right, followed by summer shirts. Then came the dressy blouses, skirts, pants, and a couple of coats.
  • This is a colorful closet, but there are also many black and white pieces. The leading organization was done by type, but we also did it by color, keeping the same colors together.
  • The mismatched plastic hangers were exchanged for Non-Slip Slim Velvet Clothes Hangers (above picture). They minimize the space they take up on that hanging rod and downplay the visual clutter tenfold.
  • Pants and skirts were hung on 6 Tiers Pant/Skirt Hangerswhich also helped to contain the hanging space.
Color coding closet organization



Jeans and sweaters on the top shelf were folded and organized inside stacked boxes. If you read my previous post, those red boxes were the ones that came with the Ikea Kallax console.

I wish they were sturdier. We might need to replace them with a stronger counterpart.

Folded clothing - sweaters and jeans


A mirror right there where it is needed! This is a seven-dollar mirror from Walmart, hung with Command strips.

It does the job; it's very economical and opens up the entire space.

Closet organization - Mirror on the door
Mirror  |  Command Strips  |

The over-the-door hook was also upgraded. 

The plastic containers for her business were sent to the Ikea Kallax unit. 

The medicines and other objects with them were stored in two of the low-stacked shoe boxes on the far right.  

Oh, and the coffin was emptied; all its contents were sorted out in the three main areas she has to store clothes: this closet, the Ikea Kallax, and a tall dresser. I have no idea what the whereabouts of that black bench are. :D
small closet organization - clothes in order

This is her new and organized closet space!

Organizing a small colorful closet
|   Shoe Storage Box   |   Mirror  Wall Art  |

This closet was transformed into a well-organized haven. Remember, an organized closet is a stress-free closet, making getting dressed each day a pleasure!

I hope you have enjoyed this makeover.

Thanks for stopping by!


small closet makeover - Before and After

Enjoy what you read today?


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  1. Thank you for organizing the closet so efficiently! Everything is perfectly organized and accessible, which makes finding what I need much easier. I really appreciate your effort and dedication to keeping everything in its place. Great job


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