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Pinch Pleating Ikea Curtains

Family room with velvet curtains, mirror and fireplace

Adding pinch pleats to your drapes can easily give your Ikea or store-bought curtains a more tailored look.

Hello there!

How are you all dealing with this cold weather?

Today is the first day this winter that we're finally getting some snow. Well, it could also be just rain. Don't like either of them. I wish I could sit in this corner of the family room all day long, close to the fireplace. But nope, I'm still giving some final details to that bath.

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Anyhow, let's talk about curtains and pinch pleats.

It was almost two years ago when after an Ikea shopping spree, I came back home and immediately replaced the old curtains with these smooth green velvet ones.

I loved the new look here in the breakfast nook and family room. However, what I didn't like one single bit was the situation going on at the top of the drapes.
velvet curtains and kitchen table and chairs

I remember trying to improve the look of those curtains by adding pleats using clips on the back. 
Velvet Sanela Ikea drapes

The picture below is how they looked with the clips on the back. Somehow I didn't like it and left them alone.
Sanela velvet Ikea drapes

When I was about to decorate for Christmas this past December, I removed the summer drapes, and the green velvet curtains were ready to be hung again.

This time around, I made sure to buy the pleat hooks!

And yes, they're from the People's Republic of China (PRC). I had no idea they were manipulating their name. I had to Google PRC to find out it's just China. 🙄 
three pleats curtain hooks

These four-prong drapery hooks are designed to work with wide pinch pleat tape. It creates a triple-pinch pleat.
three pleats curtain hook

A great variety of Ikea and store-bought drapes come with the pinch pleat tape already in place. The one thing we have to do is measure and plan how far apart we want to make the pleats. 

My plan was to create a pleat in each section between the tabs that hang the curtain on a curtain rod. 

I liked that those sections were distributed precisely the same for all of these Sanela drapes.

Using white chalk, I marked the pockets in the tape where the hook prongs will be inserted to create the pleat. I skip two spaces.
Ikea Sanela velvet curtains

Inserting the prongs into each pocket takes time. The tape has three sections. Getting the prongs into that thin first section was done one prong after the other. No trouble at all.
Ikea Sanela velvet curtains

For the second and third sections of pockets along the tape, it's best to insert the center prongs first. Then, twist the hook to insert the outer prongs into each corresponding pocket.

It takes some time. However, after the third hook, you will be a pro.
Ikea Sanela velvet curtains

You'll end up with triple-pinched pleats on the right side of the curtain.

The width of the curtain is 54". After nine triple-pinch pleats, the width comes down to about 35".
Ikea Sanela curtains

I used the same rings with clips I had to hang the curtains.
how to make pleats to regular curtain panels

I love how neat they now look.
Ikea green Sanela curtains

With a bit of time and investment, you can give your store-bought drapes a custom look.
Green velvet Ikea Sanela curtains

Here, looking the other way.
green velvet Ikea Sanela curtains
| Rug | Chair | Pillow |

But hey, it's now tea time!
hot tea and a candle on ottoman
| Cup | Candle |

books and vase on table

I'm going to warm up in the best seat in the house! 🔥
family room cozy nook.

I hope you've enjoyed this post. I'm bracing for the onslaught of bright pink and reds on social media! Are you all ready for Valentine's Day this year? I might be adding some of those tones to this monotone room ;)

For more curtain repair and ideas, check these out!

*This post contains affiliate links.

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. First, your homes looks beautiful! Thank you for including a link for the pleating hooks-I did not think to look for them on Amazon, and I have been waiting almost a month for our local IKEA to get them in. The clips in your link are also much less expensive than IKEA. Ordering now!

    1. Thank you! Good to know the link was helpful. Ikea has been running low on various products for a while now. I bought this set of little boxes/drawer storage for my bathroom and I wanted the same for the other bath. Well, they're backorder. :/ I'm here waiting for them to be restocked.

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