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Traditional Bathroom Makeover with A Modern Twist

I'm beyond excited to share the makeover of this "traditional with a modern twist bathroom." No more gross-looking and dingy bath.

Hey, it's reveal day! 

The past two months were dedicated to updating our second-floor hallway bathroom. I know, it was crazy! Upstairs I was demoing this bath, while downstairs, I was setting up my Christmas tree.

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Sometimes things work weirdly, and we must go with the flow. Buying supplies and waiting for an opening on my electrician/tile installer schedule took us to December. I really didn't mind it a single bit. I wanted this bathroom done and was happy to be on the waiting list.

Twenty years of daily use had taken a toll on the main fixtures in this bath. The toilet tank was leaking, the tub and shower area were showing their age, and the worst visible part was the messy situation in the vanity and wall shelf, as shown in the picture below.

I went for a classic look in this bathroom, and I love how it turned out! 

It is a cozy, moody space that combines that old-timer's look with a few modern touches.

green board and batten in bath with wooden vanity
Vanity | Mirror | Faucet | Light | Toilet | 


This new vanity has drawers, DRAWERS! And doors. That alone is amazing. :)

Inside, it might be the same chaos as usual, but those closed doors and drawers will ensure that I don't see that mess as soon as I climb up the steps, as this bathroom is the first sight when we get to the second floor.

Wooden vanity with polished nickel faucet and gold mirror

For the most part, I used polished nickel accessories in this bathroom. However, this is my first time mixing metal finishes. You have to tell me if I did a decent job combining the polished nickel with a gold mirror and black hardware.

Polished nickel faucet in sink


Installing board and batten up high was, without a doubt, the element that completely changed the mood in this bathroom, as it was painted this gorgeous green moody color. BM-Gloucester Sage.

The little window was trimmed, and the window panes were painted black.

As you can see in the mirror, the door was also painted green. Look how different the same tone of green appears here in this picture. The door is getting all the light coming through the window.

I used a thrifty golden frame I had forever to display the landscape art piece. Some size adjustments had to be done to the canvas print before I could hang it here. 

Complete details about this vintage-looking art are HERE.


The before of this area was pretty decent. Although storage was needed.

The new shower area looks more prominent and organized.
Board and batten in bath with zellige like tile shower

Adding a faux-wooden beam gave this area a totally new dimension. And yes, this is made out of wood. I bought it at Home Depot - stained it, and hung it in place. 

I also like that the wooden beam hides the curtain rod. By the way, that curtain rod is fantastic. It's set by adjustable tension. I bought it from Harney Hardware, a small company that sells very well-made products at a great price.

Oh, and as you can see, I went for a straight-vertical pattern on that tile. As one of you told me in my previous post, this is the modern touch given to this bath.

I love the texture and the glazed smooth finish on this Ivy Hill 2 x 8 satin ceramic wall tile

The shower niche alongside the tile is my favorite part of this shower. The little top shelves will hold decor products, in this case, a natural plant. A crispy wave Japanese fern that converts CO2 into oxygen, removing harmful particles from the air. That's cool.

The shelves were crafted out of 4 x 16 Calacatta marble tiles. The lower shelves will hold bath necessities. I made sure to leave plenty of space for those tall shampoo bottles.

The tub was the first element acquired for this bath, as it was given to us by my BIL. This tub had a small tear on the lower front part that was still visible even when the tub skirt was on.

I wasn't too fond of that skirt, and since the beginning of this project, I knew I had to build a prettier skirt for this tub.

Don't you think it looks way better with my DIY- tub skirt?! That's a gorgeous tub!

Check the complete details on how to build a bathtub skirt right HERE.

This pretty tub needed a tray! Yeah, I built that one too. This is a straightforward project that I'm also sharing soon.

My daughter has been delighted with this new tub. The feature she likes the most is that the water stays warm!

Looking the other way, that's the messy before.

The board and batten treatment is in full display at this angle.

A set of botanical prints that I found at Hobby Lobby are on the wall.

And golden hooks to hang the towels are on the other side of the door.

Now that I mentioned the door, I'm so gaga about my brand-new doorknob. This is the most beautiful doorknob I've had in my life.
Nostalgic Warehouse Antique doorknob

This is another element that it's so classic, but at the same time, it is the small dose of modern design that this bathroom needs.

Here on the inside against the dark green.
Nostalgic Warehouse -Antique doorknob

The shower curtain is made of this linen-textured heavy-duty cloth that seems real. But oh boy, it's just fast-drying polyester material that looks good.

Here, a look at that shower niche from the entrance door.

This was a long-due makeover. I'm so glad it is finally done, and I hope you've enjoyed it.

Below are the links to the products used in this bath makeover.

*This post contains affiliate links.

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. I love every element in this room!!!!

  2. Beautiful job! The colors and design are spot on.

  3. Susie from Chelsea ProjectJanuary 30, 2023 at 9:19 AM

    Every moment is perfection. It looks like a spa.

    1. Hi girl, you're as always so sweet! When dealing with my tub, I kept on thinking about yours. Love it!

  4. Very beautiful, nice job!

  5. Fantastic Transformation, love that niche and the paint color is wonderful. Door knob is soooo cool!

    1. Thank you so much! That door knob is a little luxury in this bath! :)

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