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How to Repair a Curtain Rod Anchor that got Ripped Out of the Wall

I've been really, really happy with the curtains I've had in my family room/breakfast area for the past -four/five years- Wow, time flies! That's right, they've been there for that long.

They were custom made during one of my trips to Colombia. I don't know what kind of fabric is that, but it's been good, no fading, and the pleats have stayed nicely in place. Their length was perfect too.

Even though I love them, after so many years I wanted something different, at least for some time.

Back in August I went to Ikea and found some nice curtains that I liked. After vacation, and while prepping my home for Fall, I went ahead and removed the grey curtains to bring the new ones on.

Surprise, surprise!

Just a little pull and rod holder, screws and anchors flew out of the wall. :(

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The problem began like two years ago when we had a little visitor who loved to play hide and seek using this curtain, so much so that before she left, the curtain was already down.

With the visitor gone, I asked Mr. RLC to fix it. He was quick to install the rod holder a tad away from the window as you can see below.

However, it happened again. Who knows why because we haven't had little visitors since then.
The problem this time: I didn't want to move the bracket any further, it's almost at the corner and to make matters worse there's no studs behind - only one at that very corner.

So, the solution was: Toggle Bolts. We had this:

The left picture below is how they come. You hold the piece together to get it into the hole in the wall and once there it expands.
Toggle Bolts
In order to install it, the screw is brought through the little hole on the rod holder and then holding the Toggle Bolt together push it into the same hole on the wall.

The two holes were converted into just one. Only one Toggle Bolt was strong enough to suspend this bracket. There's a tiny gap the bracket didn't cover.

From far away is almost unnoticeable.

Another option to the regular Toggle Bolt is the Snaptoggle.

It works pretty much the same.

The metal part is the one that goes into the wall.

Once inside the wall, you hold the ends of straps between thumb and forefinger and pull. Bring the cap flush with wall and then remove the straps. More info on this installation HERE.

Snaptoggle Installation Image 3

Well, so far so good, they've been there for almost a month and no trouble at all.
Now the problem is this:

The new curtains are too short. :/
Window 1- above, both of them are short.

Window 2 has one side long and one short kinda long.

Window 3 - Short short again!

Gotta fix them soon. I don't like short curtains on my windows. I think that's a big no-no.

Update:  The curtains were Fixed. You can check that post right HERE.

Remember, the best way is to find the studs and attach your hardware to them. If you want to install it in the same spot, this is a great solution!

For more DIY ideas check these out:

*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. When I redid my master bedroom, my curtains were too short...I even mentioned it in the post...that SOMEDAY I would have to do something about that. Amazing what "selective ignoring" will do for you. I honestly have not thought about it one time in the last year plus...until I read this post!

    1. Hehehe I've been practicing that "selective Ignoring", Beck.Though, it's hard, they're right in front of my face all day long!

  2. A great fix Cristina. Funny how little ones can make there mark in a big Perhaps the hem is big enough that it will give you the length you need.

    1. Thanks Karen! Yep, they manage to create unforgettable moments. :) The seams are tiny, I need to add another piece of fabric.

  3. I use toggle bolts all the time. Seems like I never want to put something where there is a stud. I am with you on the short curtains too. Drives me nuts. Yours are looking good.

  4. I just have to say, I really (surprisingly!) enjoyed this-mostly because my husband read it with me! Thanks for the info :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  5. On the off chance that you are going for a much more unpredictable appearance with respect to your present living space, pick longer window hangings. portable sanding machine

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