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Affordable Picture Lights

It took me a few years to find beautiful and most importantly, affordable picture lights to replace the sconces that I installed on the built-in entertainment center.

And I'm so happy with these LED lights!

When I finished the construction of the built-in unit in our family room, the holidays were upon us and I didn't have much time to find pretty sconces or the picture lights that I wanted.

I bought two sets of very inexpensive swing arm wall sconces that upon arrival, seemed somewhat too large for the space. 

I had no time to return these black sconces and much less to find their replacement. I installed them, but I knew they had to be changed.

The problem was that I couldn't find affordable picture lights to fit my needs!

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diy entertainment center in family room

Well, that's until a couple weeks ago when I found these beautiful LED dimmable picture light fixtures.
brass picture light

Have you been in the market for picture lights?

Their prices usually start at around $200 per piece. 

I know. I couldn't afford to pay $800 for the lights I needed here on the unit.

There were other options at a much lower price. For instance, there are some picture lights that don't have rectangular or square bases on the wall. They're cheaper.

gold, metal, led picture lights

Among other economical choices are the ones that are battery-operated, or the ones made out of plastic.


I wanted my picture lights to be made out of metal, with a rectangular or square mount, and to be hardwired. Oh, and affordable!

Well,  I crossed off all those "wants" with these picture lights!

This is a slim, classic fixture with a single swing arm that allows you to swing it up or down depending on what you want to light.

It has a full metal construction in a golden-like brass finish. It comes with all the necessary components/screws for you to install it.

I couldn't believe these were priced at around 50 bucks! 
gold picture lights with its components

This past Sunday, Mr. RLC was giving me a helping hand installing these babies.

I'm completely enamored with them.
affordable picture lights on built-in

We spent about two hours installing them, that's because we were also watching the game. :)

Hey, that was a good one! Finally a win after a long string of losses at home.

Go Commanders GO!!

affordable picture lights on built-in

Here you can see the before and after.
black sconces vs golden picture lights

Now let's talk about the flaws.

Yep. They aren't perfect.

These are LED lights with 3000K warm white light. They're BRIGHT.

The picture below shows the fixtures in their brightest setting because we haven't installed a dimmer switch yet.
affordable gold picture lights installed on built-it

The light is warm and I don't mind how bright they are, but a dimmer switch is certainly a necessity for when you don't want tons of light pouring in.

LED dimmer switch
Dimmer |

The screws on each side of the mount are imo the other little flaw in these lights as they protrude and have a different color than on the mount.
DIY entertainment center with gold picture lights installed

But hey, those little flaws are small compared to the savings and the overall quality of the lights.

I bought the 16" lights.

*This post contains affiliate links.

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