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La Mesa Vacation Home - The Bedrooms

El Refugio de los santos - Modern home

Most of us dream about a home-away-from-home, a beautiful spot where we can escape from our daily routines and have it ready for a short or extended stay.

This home in La Mesa, Colombia, is where my sister and her family enjoy the benefits of a second home and where they can get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

You can check the first part of this vacation home tour - The main areas of the home RIGHT HERE.

For this second part, I'm going to take you to the bedrooms and the rooftop with all the entertainment facilities that can be enjoyed up there.

Let's begin this tour here in the living room with the view of the swimming pool to the left. On the opposite side is the staircase that would take us to the home's second level.

Modern home - Living room with swimming pool view

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The primary bedroom is a calm and serene space with plenty of whites and neutral tones, as seen in the home's main level.
Principal bedroom in blue and white

The deep blue and textured comforter breaks the quiet palette and adds fun to the space.

white dress and hat on bed

Outside the window, there's a beautiful view, but you can also get out to the balcony to enjoy the fresh air. 

You can't see it here in this picture, but there is a hammock on the balcony where you can lie down to have a siesta.
bedroom with a balcony and a view

Looking the other way is the bathroom. 
Master bathroom -

I love that every single bedroom in this home has its own full bathroom and is fully equipped.

Full master bathroom

This next bedroom is my niece Isa's bedroom. The vibrant colors in the room compete with the fantastic greens outside the window. The perfect bedroom for this social butterfly. 
El Refugio de Los Santos - La Mesa - modern bedroom

As you can see, this bedroom also has a balcony where Isabela sits in one of those comfy chairs at any time to have a phone call with one of her friends.
balcony view and café set

Every single bedroom is outfitted with white-on-white wooden rod floor-to-ceiling drapes. Additionally, every single window in the entire house also has custom blackout roman shades, which I adore because, really, who wants those sharp sun rays on their face when inside the home?!


As you climb the steps to the second floor, you get to the mezzanine, which has been turned into their TV room. This is an open space where you can look down into the living area below.

This space was designed to comfortably watch a movie or for the kids to gather and play video games. 
TV room

Additionally, the sofa bed also turns this space into a last-minute bedroom.
tv room with sofa-bed

Between the two bedrooms, you will see the staircase to get to the third level of the home. I love how my sister decorated the steps with these Moroccan tiles.
La Mesa, Colombia - Vacation Home


Let's continue with the other two bedrooms in the central area of this home. From the kitchen, you can take a peek at them. You can also see the main bathroom to the far left.
main level bedrooms

I adore all the light that fills in this room. Paired with those vivid colors outside the window, this might be one of my favorite rooms.

Did I tell you that most bedrooms have AC units close to the ceiling?

Bedroom in pink and blue

La Mesa has a moderate climate but can sometimes climb to the 80s and beyond. Those AC units are a breath of fresh air during those hot days and nights. ;)
modern bedroom

Another favorite about this room is the direct access to the backyard.
bedroom garden view

The fourth bedroom sports a bunk bed which optimizes the vertical space. It also has a desk or small office space to finish homework.
Bunk bed in room

Outside this bedroom, there's the swimming pool.
Bedroom by the swimming pool

It might be hard for someone working in the office to concentrate when that wonderful area is just a few steps away. :)
Swimming pool / bedroom


Let's climb the stairs together to reach the rooftop! Once again, the beautiful Morrocan tiles put a big smile on my face.  

rooftop with Moroccan staircase

Once on the rooftop, you are greeted with openness, a vast blue sky, and wonderful vegetation gives this glorious feeling of being a bit closer to mother nature!
The Andes mountains

Close by, the jacuzzi welcomes you and is what first grabs your attention.
jacuzzi in the rooftop

This entire space was constructed with entertainment in mind. Here you can see the mini kitchenette where meals can be prepared.

This is also the area for all the technical components of this home, as the solar panels that connect to the swimming pool are here. But there's also an open shower and a bathroom.
rooftop for entertainment

At the far-end corner, there is a lounging area that, during the day, we mainly use as the tanning center. 

There's always plenty of sun!
lounging area rooftop

The contiguous bar holds a mini fridge where cold drinks are at the ready.
rooftop bar

rooftop bar sink

This entire space comes alive during the evening. After eating a good lunch, the area can be turned around as an outdoor movie theater when the sun comes down.

the view

However, we decided to turn on the hot tub and enjoy the beautiful sunset during our stay!
evening hot tub party

jacuzzi rooftop cheers!

I leave you with this, the view of the backyard from the rooftop.

If you haven't taken the tour of the main areas, you can click the picture below to take you there.

living room with swimming pool view

Enjoy what you read today?


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