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Home Tour - My Sister's La Mesa Colombia Vacation Home -1

Living room with open staircase

I had the pleasure of vacationing in this gorgeous house that my sister and her family have in La Mesa, Colombia.

I ran away from the rainy weather in the capital where I was staying. It only took my family and me about an hour to climb down the winding mountain roads until we arrived downtown La Mesa. We still needed to drive around five more minutes to get to the small community complex where the house sits.

I love all the green scenery with the big mountains in the background. The year-round weather in La Mesa is a comfortable 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
Vacation Home - wonderful mountain views

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This enclosed community is a brand-new development. In fact, there are still houses for sale and under construction. They are three-story homes with lots of amenities for you to stay put. It's a home away from home.

But let's start this tour!


Living room with big door to the swimming pool

This is the space where the youngsters congregate at any given time. If the sun's out, there's usually someone lying in the lounging chairs sun tanning.

The big T.V. is a fun way to entertain guests in the pool. Soccer matches are definitely the most watched. However, a good movie or reality T.V. show is always welcomed.

A modern three-story home with swimming pool

As mentioned, I'm here with my sister taking in some vitamin D. :)
Cristina Garay and Claudia Herran

From inside the house, the focal point is the living room with its fantastic view. Everybody congregates here, whether it's seeing others in the swimming pool, having a chat on the comfy sofas, or just taking a break. The cowhide rug might be why, as it gives this space a warm feeling.

Living room with view to the swimming pool

A bird's eye view with the striking blues and greens against the whites.
A modern home with white on white surfaces and blue and green accents

I am still surprised at how I managed to capture these shots. It looked like nobody was living there.
modern living room with cowhide rug

Ha, far from that! We were a party of nine! Wait, ten with Iris, the Doberman puppy. She's so cute!

This was the lounging spot for most of us, but a few others were working remotely. They spent their days working from their computers.
lounging in the living room


My previous post was about a simple Summer table. You can check more details about the dining room during that post right HERE

I didn't share a complete pic of this console table, which I love because it carries the house's streamlined modern design.

The two small ottomans tucked under the table are very handy and easy to move when more sitting is needed.
Long white console table in dining room

This picture below is the view from the dining table all the way to the front, the black entrance door on the left, and my little niece Isa coming down the steps.
Living room - modern home in the mountains


Looking the other way, the kitchen is located in the back part of the house.
White on white modern kitchen

This is a modern and fully equipped kitchen! How cool is that flattop stove or the range hood?! 

It also has a conventional oven, microwave, fridge, and dishwasher. Everything you need to remain at home and never leave paradise.

Once again, the white on white surfaces make the kitchen feel so spacious and clean. The wooden tones and gray accents add warmth and style.

La Mesa Colombia Vacation Home

Now let's talk about that gorgeous backsplash! 

It is the touch of texture that this kitchen needs. Though you can hardly see it in these pictures, it also has a bit of sparkle to it. Just beautiful!

La Mesa Colombia Vacation Home

My sister Mercedes was the one that took charge of meal preparation. I'm always so glad that she enjoys cooking. Although, this time, we also hired a local lady to help with cooking plus cleaning the house. Even though we all helped with those chores, it was very appreciated.

La Mesa Colombia Vacation Home

Don't you love having ample storage in your kitchen?!

All those kitchen gadgets have a place where to go.
utensils on the counter - La Mesa Colombia Vacation Home

During meal prep, this was my favorite spot. Tasting services at the ready. ;)
La Mesa Colombia Vacation Home

The beautiful weather allowed us to spend a couple of breakfasts outside the kitchen.
La Mesa Colombia Vacation Home

It's a cozy retreat that makes you feel as if you're there in the middle of the mountains!

Duh, we were! 
Outdoor dinning in the middle of the mountains

Tropical leaves were the most economical and fastest way to stage the house for the photoshoot. Kudos to my sister Claudia for picking the most beautiful materials and decor elements for her beautiful home.
La Mesa Colombia Vacation Home

Guess who owns this space right now?!

Cute little Iris' potty training was in full force during our stay. She still has a long way to go in that department, as she's only four months old. 
pansies - breakfast area in La Mesa Colombia

We only stayed here for four days, but I can't tell you how much I cherished the time and the memories created with three of my sisters, their kids, and my brother. 

Check the second part of this vacation home RIGHT HERE. Tour the bedrooms and the rooftop with the fantastic view and the entertainment facilities that it offers.

Thanks for stopping by!


Learn more about La Mesa, Colombia, by checking this post right HERE during my first visit to this lovely town.

*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Absolutely stunning, Cristina! And I mean both the home and you & your sister! I can't tell you apart!

    1. Hi Rita, thank you so much! You know how is it when we get together with our sisters. Tons of fun! :)

  2. What an amazing vacation home! Perfect size pool for me :)

    1. Right?! That pool's the perfect size and it can be heated with solar power. 👍🏻

  3. Just back from looking at homes in Playa del Carmen. This by far exceeds what we've seen. Does someone else live there the rest of the time?

    1. The beaches there at Playa del Carmen are something else! I gotta go there someday. Beautiful!💙💙
      This home in La Mesa was used very frequently during the pandemic. Lately, as things are getting back to normal the trips there have been sporadic, mainly during long holidays.
      They're now thinking on selling it. :/

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