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How To Give Furniture A Decorative Toe Kick

Building base cabinets or wanting to improve the look of your existing ones?? 

Elevate the look of plain cabinets by simply adding a toe kick!

A toe kick is a recessed area at the bottom front of a base cabinet that provides the ergonomics or necessary space for your feet so you can get closer to the countertop.

In most cabinets, this is only an empty space, but you can give that empty space a custom look by adding a decorative toe kick.

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When building a custom wall of cabinets in our dining room, as a last-minute thought I decided to give the base cabinets a decorative toe-kick to elevate the look of the entire built-in.

A jigsaw, glue, and a good set of clamps might be all the materials and tools you'll need to build a decorative toe kick onto your base cabinets.

Check the complete details of this easy DIY-Toe Kick project RIGHT HERE.

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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