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My Travels: La Mesa - Colombia

Hello there!

During my latest visit to Colombia S.A., a couple of weeks ago, I stayed mainly in the capital, Bogota, visiting my large family. As many of you already know, I also worked on bringing change to my sister's bedroom, you can check the reveal post right HERE.

It was my intention to stay in the capital city for most of the time, and do a couple of short trips to small towns around the area. Those little trips turned out to only be one trip with two or maybe three stops along the way. Today, I'm bringing you along to the first stop of that trip.
The little town: La Mesa, located about 40 miles down a steep winding road from the top of the mountain where Bogota sits.

The first order of the day was to have breakfast. Right before getting to La Mesa, we stumbled upon this charming restaurant, El Rancho de Jairo. As you noticed in that first picture, tons of sombreros dangling from the ceiling.
The weather here is very mild, no need for walls or windows. We first sat right there by the half wall, but soon after we had to move because the sun was beating down on us.
We continued our trip and got to La Mesa a few minutes later. Named La Mesa ("The Table" in Spanish) because of its geographical position. It's located on the top of a plateau in the center of the Eastern Ranges of the Colombian Andes.

The most important area in small towns in Colombia are La Plaza Principal (Town Center), where you'll most likely find a small park, the main church, government buildings and business around.
La Mesa Colombia
I felt in love with this, the Santa Barbara Church.
 A Catholic church with colonial architecture built more than 200 years ago.
I love antique doors, this one is absolutely beautiful!
The view once you cross that main door is equally beautiful.
It was still sporting some Christmas decorations.
A large nativity was also on display.
On my way out I couldn't help but noticed the pretty tile floor.

Right outside, I joined my family for a picture with the church in the background.
This next picture looking down the street is what you can see all around town.
We got back in the car to go to our main destination here in La Mesa, the site of this community that's still in construction... Here's the entrance.
Right here, my sister bought a site for her family vacation home. Construction has just started.
We stepped inside the model home, she needed to pick finishes. I'm so very excited for this new venture she is taking. We were already talking about how to furnish it and what type of floors and kitchen cabinets and plants she should use! :D
I love the modern design with those huge windows.
The far away view: The Andes
A bit closer: The pool.

I'm so very happy for her!

I hope you've enjoyed this little recall of this part of our trip. I'll be posting more about my trips on Saturdays. I haven't been uploading pictures of my trips, but I'll be doing it again, because it's even easier for me to see those pictures here on the blog than go and find them in Google photos!

Don't worry, the DIY's and Home Decor posts will continue during the week days. ;)

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