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DIY - Valentine Snow Globe & ❌⭕❌⭕ Tablescape

Valentine's Day Tablescape

Good Morning Friends!!

Valentine's day is just around the corner and these super cute snow globes are the perfect way to decorate your mantel or as I did, to use as a centerpiece on my Valentine's day table. Oh, I'm so giddy about this pretty tablescape!

Does your home feel empty after packing up all the Christmas decor?

Ugh, that's one of my biggest motivators to go ahead and craft something for Valentine's Day.  A good bonus is that there are many Christmas decorations that you repurpose and use during V-day. 

Let me show you how these Valentine snow globes were created, and then, we can take a look at the tablescape.

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Materials for snow globe

The materials you'll need:

You probably have everything you need to create these snow globes except the plastic bubble tumblers. I bought them at Target. I love the little bubbles that give them the snow-like illusion. 

I had these wooden coasters which had seen better days. Well, they were painted, and then I also covered them in red glitter. Let the glue dry completely before going on to the next step.
Valentine's day crafts

These little bottlebrush trees were taken out of one of my Christmas bins. I like the little red berries on them. Let's pretend those are little hearts. ;)

The trees were hot glued to the center of the now red coasters.

Now add hot glue to the edge of the tumbler to set it in place. Oh, but before doing that, I also glued a snowflake on the base/top of the tumbler, that's totally optional.
Valentine's day crafts

Then, I top it off with a red heart.
Valentine's day crafts


This beautiful XOXO table runner that I also got at Target is a showstopper on the table. So very pretty!!
Valentine's day tablescape

Well, the snow globes are a serious contender! 

I placed each of the snow globes atop a mini-cake stand to give them more height and they just shine!
Valentine's day

Now, the best part about this V-day tablescape is that it's extra warm! 🔥

As I was in my deep cleaning mode earlier this week, I moved the table and that's when I thought about setting it here by the chimney. I wish I could leave it there for the remainder of this winter. It's been pretty cold.
Valentine's day table and mantel

Given that I like to decorate my mantel for the season, this might be my new favorite way to accomplish two tasks at the very same time. 
red hearts garland on mantel

The plates are as usual the same white dishes that I always use and on top of them, I layered two sets of holiday paper plates. 
Valentine's day table - red and pink

My daughter's handmade pottery pieces and the flowers that she is now gifting me are a good contrast to all those reds and pinks.
Valentine's day table with red pin and green accents

I used a couple of kitchen towels to decoupage a set of wooden placemats. Another great way to give tired pieces a new lease on life.Valentine's day

Valentine's day table with snow globe centerpiece

Valentine's day table with DIY snow globe centerpiece

We already used this table during one really cold day this week, it was so good to be here in such a warm spot.
Valentine's day table with DIY snow globe centerpiece

I hope you have enjoyed this cute Valentine's day craft and table. Hopefully, you got an idea or two to incorporate into your own decor.



*This post contains affiliate links.


  1. I love your Valentine's Day snow globes, Cristina! Your whole table is so bright and cheery and how lovely that you can move your table in front of the fireplace. It's cold here too, snowflakes are drifting past my window as I write, brrr!

    1. Thanks so much Jayne! I wish I could keep the table right there. It's been SO cold. Stay warm!

  2. Everything is just lovely! Gorgeous!

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