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How To Make A Marble Tray

Handmade gifts

It's the season of giving! 

Yes my friends it's that time of the year already. And for this week Home & Décor Encore series, I'm sharing with you an easy DIY - Marble tray project that you can give to family and friends this holiday season.

Oh, I love giving and receiving handmade gifts! 

Knowing all the time and effort someone puts into making a gift makes it even more special. 

In today's post my friends are also sharing wonderful do-it-yourself gift ideas and holiday projects that would set you in the holiday spirit.

Are you working on any handmade gifts this year? 

I want to create some wooden stars as they can be used to decorate any room inside and out.

I got to make some time this upcoming week to craft a few of them :).  And yes, I'll be sharing all the details about them later on.
How to make a marble tray - handmade gifts

Welcome back to another edition of Home & Décor Encore, a weekly series where my friends and I share the best of the best from our archives.

Big thanks to Doreen at Hymns & Verses & Lori at The Stonybrook House for organizing this group.

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