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Lil' Pom Pom Gnomes

Pom pom gnomes

Good morning friends!

I'm super excited to share with you how to make these cute little pom-pom gnomes!
These tiny fellows are a creation of my Sister-in-Law, Pilar. 

I went to visit her the other day and she was hard at work creating these colorful creatures.

The colors she used for the hats are all those yummy autumn colors, but you can use any color you want to match your d├ęcor or the season.

They would work perfectly as ornaments on the Christmas tree. ;)

Here's how you can make them!

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The materials:

acrylic yarn and yarn needles


Each gnome consists of two parts, the hat, and the pom-pom head.

Pilar made a bunch of these little hats. By themselves, they look super cute in those gorgeous colors! They would work perfectly as part of a ski-themed tree. 

yarn hats crafts

She taught me how to make them, so I came home and got to work creating a couple of these little hats using the only ball of yarn I found in my home: White! :) 

The very first thing you need to do is to cut the yarn into pieces. I cut them at 12-inch lengths. They were a bit long. You can cut them at 10-inch. Having all the yarn pieces ready, this is how it goes: 
  1. Cut the wrapping paper tube at 3/8" - Pilar told me that she first tried using a toilet paper tube, but it was too soft.
  2. Grab one of the yarn pieces and fold it in half and make a loop around the cardboard rim and pull it tight.
  3. Continue adding pieces of yarn until the entire rim is full.
  4. Bring all the pieces of yarn inside the rim. Pull them out the other way and pull them straight.
  5. Grab another piece of yarn and tie a knot mid-way to create the hat shape.
  6. Trim excess yarn at the top.
Oh, the very last part is to use a yarn needle to add the piece of string/holder to hang them.
Also, little pieces of cotton were inserted into each hat to help them maintain their form. 
crafting little yarn hats ornaments

Look how pretty that little white hat looks!! It's an ornament in itself. 
how to make cute little yarn hat ornaments


Let's continue with the second part, creating the pom-pom heads/gnomes.

You can create the pom-poms using stuff around the house, but I recommend using a pom-pom maker. It goes way faster, especially if you're creating multiple pom-poms.

She used the teal color pom-pom maker for these gnomes.

pom pom maker set

Making these pom-poms is a quick process. Wrapping the yarn around the tool and then cutting it. 
Using the pom-pom maker ensures uniform pom-poms every single time.
how to make pom poms with pom pom maker

The final part is to use a good amount of glue inside the rim and bottom edge of the hat and then place the hat down onto the pom-pom. Finally, glue a nose on each gnome.
pumpkin spice pom pom gnomes

Look at how cute they turned out! 
how to make pom pom gnomes

ho to make pom pom gnomes

The best part is they are super customizable depending on what colors and holiday symbols are added to them. 

Ready to make your very own pom-pom gnomes?

They can be a little fluffy present for family and friends this holiday season! ;)

*This post contains affiliate links.

Enjoy what you read today?


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