DIY - Inside The Cabinet Plate Rack

DIY - Plate rack inside the cabinet

Earlier this week I caved in and gave my kitchen a deep clean. Now that my son is turning into a "chef" (and I'm really happy about it since that means less cooking for me!) the amount of cleaning has gone up ten fold :/.  

Pots, dishes, and cups all came down and the range hood, stove and shelves got a deep clean. I even cleaned the area where the plate rack sits.

That's exactly the moment when I thought of sharing this post with you, because I love my plate racks!

Installing a plate rack inside the cabinet was an idea that popped into my head right after buying that little plate rack that you see in the picture below.

I came home with a few of those racks which I had scored on sale, but when I tried to use them with the big dinner plates it was a total fail.

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DIY - Plate Rack
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The "inside the cabinet plate rack" was built, installed and it's been here in my kitchen for the past eight years. 

I love that this project made me get rid of the cabinet doors which immediately opened up the kitchen.

I love that it was a fairly easy project.

I also love that it's a very economical project that not only brings organization to your kitchen, but it also looks good!

You can check all the details on how to build a Inside The Cabinet Plate Rack right HERE.
how to install a plate rack inside a cabinet

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. I have always loved this plate rack storage...and I would have loved to have one but I really had no wall space. I LOVE my drawer dish storage so I guess it worked out!!! And yes, the drawers get kinda nasty every so often. About once a month we have to vacuum out the dish drawer and the trash drawer!

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