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Easy to Build Plate Rack

diy - plate rack - stand alone

Early this year I scored some really good items when a Crate and Barrel store was closed. Some prop bottles, blocks, decorative branches, and cups made it home with me, alongside these four plate racks.
dowels plate rack

For one buck each one, they were more than worth it! 

Hmm, maybe I should've brought some more. Their sizes were different, I didn't pay much attention to that fact while in the store.
round and square dowels plate rack

At home, I  tried to find the perfect spots for them. The one on the kitchen counter has worked really well, it frees space from the cabinets and most importantly my son can reach these small salad plates easily, without climbing on top of the counters to reach for a plate on the cabinets.

I tried to use the same rack for big dinner plates, but it didn't work that well. The plates were too slanted for my liking. Two plates in each slot, as I did with the small plates, were a complete mess, as you can see.

Continuing the experiment with the other 2¾" spaced racks, the dinner plates were, again, too slanted.  But it worked pretty good for bakeware.

I'm using that very small rack inside one of the cabinets.

I think these racks can be an easy DIY project to put some order to your kitchen. Since the materials to build one of these racks come in so many different sizes, I took my time measuring the ones I got, so they can serve you as a good guide to build your own.
Source: Toys and Joys

I like the ones where the dowels are spaced at 2", but if you're building your own, you can customize them to the size of your plates.
display plate rack

For dinner plates, the space between the dowels needs to be smaller than 2" (at least for my plates), and/or their length (dowels), needs to be more than 3", like the ones KariAnne@Thistlewood Farm got.
Display plate rack

Upside down they kind of surprised me. I thought they were not all the way thru.
I placed one of these little racks inside the cabinet on the right-hand side of the range hood and I really like how it looks.

On the left-hand side of the hood, I build a permanent plate rack. You can find the full tutorial for this
Inside the Cabinet Plate Rack right HERE.
how to build a plate rack inside a cabinet

Have fun building your own!

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  1. Those are a great idea. I love how you have them holding up your glassware dishes...I need something like that for mine. Hope you have a great weekend, Cristina.

  2. That is such a good idea, Cristina. You did a wonderful job. I need one for storing pot and pan lids! xo Diana

  3. Awesome organization DIY Cristina!!!! Looks perfect in your white cabinets!!! Have a great weekend dear!

  4. Great idea, I love it because it seems to look awesome both in a traditional home or in a minimalist decor, and both with white china or with colored dishes!

  5. I like the idea of using them for bakewear! Mine is so unorganized at the moment. I also like the idea of keeping a rack of plates on the counter for easy access. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration :)

  6. you are a crafty gal! These save so much space and look pretty too!!

  7. I love this - such a fabulous idea, and great tutorial too. Thanks so much for sharing it Cristina!

  8. Oh I love this! I've been meaning to make plate racks for in my kitchen, and these would be perfect. I really love the fact that you have them holding your glassware too.
    Thanks so much for sharing, will be making some of these very soon ;)

  9. I <3 your plate rack. My dish rack is plastic and bulky. Really want to make one like this. Pinned:)

  10. Love it..If the one you have doesn't work...make your own..Have a great weekend..

  11. Eres muy didáctica con tus post Cristina,, me encanto ese rack

  12. These a great.. Especially since you can only pull the plate you want and leave the rest in place.. vs. stacking plates and needing to find the perfect one. And DIYing them is genius!

  13. This is a great idea and I love the way the plates are not touching to get chipped...they look great...

  14. Hola amiga no se porque en el post de hoy no me deja dejarte comentarios!,,,,, espeluznantes ideas

  15. What a great deal you got on those plate racks!! Great use of them too!

  16. I love it. What a handy item to have around. I really like the idea of using them inside the cupboards - genius!

  17. You overestimate my DIY abilities, but I really like yours! Jennifer

  18. Great project! I especially like the way you used them for bake ware. So much better than stacking them

  19. I have one of those...but I am not using of right now. I will have to measure it and see if it would work to organize my lids

  20. Great idea! I love the organization of these.

  21. great idea Cristina :-) love how you organized it ! :-)

  22. Hi Cristina,
    you amaze me. You always come up with this great ideas and projects.
    Thanks for sharing.

  23. Oh my do I need to make a bunch to get me organized. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Great idea, both for the sink and cabinetry storage! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  25. Thank you for the step by step on the plate rack!!

    1. you're so very welcome! Did you make it? Tag me on social media to cheer you up!

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