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Installing a Marble Backsplash

Remodelando la casa kitchen makeover

It's amazing to see how a simple tile backsplash installation can make such a big difference in the kitchen. Not only visually, but also being waaaay easier to keep it clean!

Installing a marble backsplash in a rather small kitchen is a type of project that usually takes a weekend to be completed and depending on the materials you choose, it can be a very economical project, especially when comparing it to the amount of style your kitchen is going to get.

The biggest challenge when deciding on adding a backsplash to your kitchen might be narrowing out the choices on what to use!

There are hundreds of choices out there: Ceramic, wood, stainless steel, granite, glass mosaic, marble, etc. not to mention colors, textures, or sizes!

marble tile mosaic with mesh back
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My small kitchen was going through a complete makeover that would bring this dated space up to today's standards.
Honey oak kitchen

The kitchen island was enlarged, a range hood was installed, and the cabinets were painted. The final task during this kitchen makeover was installing a backsplash.
kitchen makeover

I decided to use marble because is a timeless, beautiful choice for the traditional look that I was going for with this makeover.

The price for this material was not the cheapest; remember that is good to splurge in areas that are this small and that get tons of attention.

Let me show you how this mosaic marble backsplash installation progressed:

The tools & materials I used:


The first task is to clean and sand the walls to prepare them for the tile installation.

The countertop was covered with rosin paper, leaving a very small open line all along the wall, where the marble was going to sit.

protecting counters with rosin paper during marble backsplash installation

A temporary piece of wood (2x4) was installed on the wall behind the stove to support the marble tile while it dries. Make sure is level.

installing a temporarily support during backsplash installation

The outlets were extended to make them flush with the marble once the installation is complete. (Turn off the current when doing any electrical work).

extended outlets for backsplash installation

This is also the time to think about how to install the tile if it has any designs.
For certain types of tile, it is important to center the design, usually above the stove.  I didn’t have to worry about this, as all my tiles were plain with no detail on them.


The mortar was mixed according to the manufacturer's instructions. 

mixed mortar

A quarter of the mortar package was added to the 5-gallon bucket, slowly adding water and mixing it until we got a peanut butter consistency.
Apply the mortar to a small section of wall at a time. You don't want it to dry too fast, remember you need time to make those tile cuts.

The mortar was applied to the wall with the notched trowel at a 45-degree angle. 


Installing the tile onto the freshly applied grout is as easy as laying the mosaic tile and gently pushing it onto the grout to set it in place.

Start at the bottom, laying that first section of tile onto spacers on the counter, and work your way up.

The tricky part comes when you have to work around outlets, windows, etc. You need to cut the tile to fit around those objects, and that takes time, especially when working with a slow-poke wet tile saw like the one I used.


Economical wet tile saw

I bought this wet tile saw for under seventy bucks. It was one of the cheapest wet tile saws, but it worked!
better than renting one I guess.

It was in general a positive experience given how economical it was. This is what you have to take into consideration if you also take this same route:
  • Protect yourself with a rain jacket or something otherwise, you'll be drenched.
  • Adding to that first line, you better work this wet tile saw outdoors, water will splatter all around the place.
  • It would be better to work with a partner, one that makes the cuts and one that installs.
  • This type of wet tile saw goes slowly, you have to be patient. Don't push it.
  • My mosaic tiles usually got separated from the mesh backing when the cut took too long. It was disappointing as I had to install the pieces one by one.

Plan the installation one small section at a time, making the cuts in advance if possible.

Spacers were used in between each sheet.

Many times it was easier for me to fill small areas by installing every single little tile at a time.

The installation continued, working around the electrical outlets until everything was covered.


I waited 24 hours for the mortar to dry completely.

Once the 24 hours is done, the grout can be applied using a grout float and doing it again in a diagonally way, pushing the grout into every single crevice.

After applying the grout, wait a few more minutes for the grout to dry a little before cleaning the marble with a wet sponge, again in a diagonal way.


Working diagonally prevents the product from being pulled away.


Once dried and thoroughly cleaned, the sealer is applied to protect the marble from stains, and mildew and to help on keeping it clean.
how to protect marble

Finally, silicone caulk was applied in between the marble and the countertop.

adding a beat of silicone in between counters and backsplash

This is how it looks now:

food storage containers on counter

It makes a difference, don't you think so?

Next is the total kitchen cost breakdown

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Hi Cristina!

    I'm hopping on over to your blog from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia and am just amazed by your gorgeous kitchen redo! My hubby and I first moved into our fixer last summer, and it has been a work in progress. Currently, we are working on your kitchen and are looking for interesting backsplash tiles. Yours is just beautiful - my hubby really loves it {he is sitting next to me right now! lol}. Can you possibly tell me where you purchased your marble tile mosaics? Thank you so much! I am now your newest follower!!!


  2. It looks great! I desperately need a back splash in my kitchen. It makes such a difference! Awesome job and thanks for the tutorial :)

  3. gorgeous! does that marble mosaic have a specific name? i love that it's a little bit different that traditional subway tile.

  4. I linked over from the Inspired Room, and read each step of your kitchen makeover. It is gorgeous and you are amazing. I don't often leave comments, but you deserve big applause. Thanks for sharing your insights and work.

  5. Please, check the Resources Page tab at the top, there you will find the products names List.

  6. Wonderful message sharing for every home makers. It through many useful being news gather from here! Really I have like this site.

  7. The pictures are simply stunning and amazingly well shot.I just cant stop my self to halt here and leave this comment. Very well done and great job.

  8. I bought similar tiles a week ago to complete the same project (mine have glass tiles interspersed), then I found your blog! I'm so impressed with your hand-on approach to everything and your sense of style; definitely give me courage! Thank you for sharing, I love your work.

  9. Looks beautiful! Great choice!!

  10. Did you encounter any problems in cutting the tile on the mesh, with the wet saw?

    1. Hi emeterasou! The thing that bothered me the most was that while I was cutting the tiles they got separated from the back mesh that hold them together!
      The cuts took time, you have to go slowly with the saw, letting it do the job. I didn't align the tile to the saw I simply followed lines that I drew on the tiles.
      In order to keep them from separating from the back mesh, I laid them on a tray to bring them up to the kitchen (as I was working in the backyard)
      You would get soak if not wearing protection while cutting them!
      For filling remaining small areas I did it little tile by little tile.

  11. that turned out beautiful! Great job!!! :)

  12. Your backsplash is just beautiful! Love the tile choice!

  13. Your kitchen makeover is unbelievable! Fantastic job...great tutorials results! Just what other DIYers are looking for. I'm forwarding your site to my DIL, who has your before kitchen. Love it!

  14. I would love to know where you found the roman shade. Thank you!

  15. Thank you so much everyone! Dubree Family, the roman shade was bought at Amazon, you can find the color and model number by clicking at my blog's resources tab at the top.

  16. Hayyy me encanto tu blog, muy instructivo,explicas todo muy bien, saludos :)

  17. This blog is very good and efficient with what it does. You give detailed explanations on your posts which make people to understand so much about this topic.
    Stone Tiles

  18. I LOVE the backsplash. Can you please tell me where you purchased it, including the brand and color? Thank you so much!

  19. Great tutorial, you are the first person I have seen who actually showed the electrical outlet spacers. So many people don't show that crucial step and then people have no clue! Loving your choice of marble, that's the one I am dying to use in my kitchen. Thanks so much for joining Dishing It & Digging It Link Party. I hope it brings you some new friends and great traffic!

  20. I am so impressed by your projects you have done with your kitchen. Well done! I have bookmarked several of them! You spent a lot of time detailing your process for us here and it is so appreciated. I know others here have asked about the marble you used for the back splash you used, but you did not respond. I have looked online and can't seem to locate it either. Please share where you got it and the brand and model color name. I see a lot of hexagon versions of this type of marble but that looks more difficult to cut and line up. Please, please share. Thank you!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words! I added a link to the product in the resources page, the tab is at the top of the blog, but it looks like I need to add that info here in the post. I bought the marble mosaic tiles over at Ebay, this is the link: It looks like they still have it.
      You're right, this type of tiles were easy to line up. Good luck with your project!

  21. Thank you Cristina! What I like about this tile is the fact they are all the same width so it is easy to line up, that way you don't have to have the same pattern or line of tiles the whole way across possibly. I am seeing either big blocky tiles all the same which seems boring or I see them with various widths and you have to line them up and it will all have the same pattern to it, not as interesting to look at. I think the tile you picked has a better look and easier to work with.

  22. Hi Christina, I love your kitchen makeover (& further mini-makeover!). Do you have any tips for updating beech counter tops? Mine are good quality, but a rather dated orangey shade. I have applied a white wax then furnish on top to brighten & lighten them up while still showing the wood grain, however the surface isn't tough enough to withstand all the wear & tear kitchen work tops have to endure (after just six months, there are many scratches in the wax/varnish). I'd be grateful for any ideas.

  23. I LOVE your projects and cant' wait to start on ours! I was told I had to have a special blade to cut marble tile or it would splinter? Is this the case?Thanks!

    1. Thanks! You need a diamond blade to wet-cut your marble.

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