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Don't you feel awesome when you finally find a way to organize a little area inside your home?!

I'm thrilled with this little project that brought order to this tiny area behind the door in our laundry room. :)

Now, let me explain how our laundry room is only a little passageway between our kitchen and the garage. Right behind the door that separated this area from the kitchen, we had that messy spot that you can see in the picture below.

It's a little nook that the builder gave us with only one wire shelf at the top. For many years I used this spot to store the vacuum cleaner, brooms, mops, etc. However, all those items were taken out of this little nook after building more storage in the mudroom.

I even installed one more shelf to better utilize that space, but overall, it was a catch of all things kind of space. A junk closet.

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I had no idea how to utilize this tiny area and that's why it stayed in disarray for over a year UNTIL I needed storage in our kitchen. More about that later on, for now, let's continue on how to organize this nook.

The shelves were removed and then I got rid of all the anchors that were used to support those shelves.
Those anchors were precisely the ones that determined how I should build storage in this small area.

My initial plan was to install cleats around the three walls to support shelves, about four or five shelves.
However, the big problem was that I couldn't find studs inside those walls to support those shelves!

There were only three studs. One on the back-right corner and two more on each front edge of this nook. Those cleats had to be installed with anchors, tons of anchors and I didn't like that option. Not the strongest. :/

I changed my mind and decided to install here a cabinet. A full cabinet. So, I went ahead and also removed the baseboard and the trim around the nook. The room's door was removed.

Then, I headed to the Home Depot to pick up my order... An assembled pantry kitchen cabinet
This pantry cabinet is a long skinny cabinet that had the almost-perfect measurements for this tiny space.

It comes unfinished, but it is completely assembled. My reasoning on why I chose to buy this pantry cabinet is this:

- As I said, the measurement it's almost perfect for the space.
- In the middle of summer and with guests at home I had no desire/time to build a cabinet.
- The high price of lumber was another great reason to buy the cabinet instead of DIY-ing it.

kitchen organization with pantry cabinet
Pantry Kitchen Cabinet |

I only had to trim a few inches off the toe-kick.
Cristina Garay - trimming kitchen cabinet

Then, with my son's help, we brought it up to the laundry room and slid it in place. 

We made sure it was level before driving a couple of screws from the inside of the cabinet and onto those two studs on the front part of the walls. 

Here's a better angle at how it looked after adding lattice molding all around. The lattice covers the gaps all around and gives it a finished look.

Look at all that storage!! 😍😍

The outside was painted white and I love how it looks!

I'm so glad I went this route, buying the cabinet with doors included. I can store whatever I want and I don't get to see it at all times, the door also keeps the dust away.

As many of you already know, I have a small kitchen and this cabinet is making things way easier there. I'm getting rid of the room's door. It all flows so much better without it.

kitchen organization
Pantry Kitchen Cabinet |

I can't wait to share its contents with you, but that has to be in an upcoming post because this one is getting lengthy.

Have a great day!

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