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My Travels: Nobsa, Boyaca

Hi friends,

It's been quiet around here, RLC, these past few days, but I'm actually enjoying my vacation days with no schedules, doing whatever I want to do, and going to lots of places around Bogota, Colombia. :D

The only thing I've noticed is... Time is flying! It's almost two weeks since I arrived. :/  It may be the fact that I'm just having such a good time.

Anyways, today I'm sharing with you one of the highlights of my first week here, when I went with two of my sisters to Nobsa, Boyaca. A little town to the northeast of Bogota.
It takes about three and a half hours to get there from Bogota, but of course we took longer than that.

And I'm not complaining. It was a gorgeous trip! Who can complain when having this picturesque scene all the way thru.

The pics are a bit blurry, I took them from inside the moving car.

Little houses with the patchwork of the Andes mountains in the background.

The route was great, the weather kinda good, it's always a bit chilly around here.
The funny thing was, as my sister pointed out, I brought my own cloud. :)
Wherever we went, we arrived to good sunny weather, but after five minutes of staying there, the rain started. It wasn't a heavy rain, but anyways, a bit annoying.

We stopped mid-way to get a snack, the little shops and restaurants are always so fun!

So many curiosities, artisanal crafts and good food. ;)

The pallet trend is also here.

Antiques, handmade goods and repurposed items... a very interesting break.

Though, not for long... We had to get to our destination. The green rolling hills continued with the potato crops forming the colorful patchwork.

And finally we arrived to Nobsa. We first went to eat a late lunch because the rain started as soon as we arrived. Then, we went shopping. I was looking for a ruana or poncho, an item that's so typical of this region. Someone commissioned me to get one and yep, I got that one and also one for me.

My only decent picture ... The church of Nobsa.

We didn't spend much time there, we went back to get to another destination we wanted to visit... El Puente the Boyaca, a bridge turned monument where Colombia fought the Spaniards to gain its independence. You can find that story right HERE.

Stay tuned!

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  1. I always thought that Columbia was warm; I had no idea that it's cool!! What beautiful, green countryside! You have to post a pic of the ruana you bought!

    1. Thanks Sheila! Yep, that's one of the things most people don't know about Colombia. Since it's located in the equatorial region, there are no seasons here. The country is crossed by the Andean Mountains that gives us a lot of different climates depending on the altitude over the sea level. Up the mountains the weather is cold, down the mountain it gets warmer.
      I'll be sharing a pic of my ruana on social media, well, some day! :D

  2. Cristina, I'm really enjoying the story of your adventures in Columbia. Beautiful country. I want to see the ruana too.

    1. Thanks so much for following along, Carol! I'm keeping you in my thoughts. <3
      Gotta find that ruana to take some pics. :)

  3. I love your photos - you'd never know some were taken from the car! It really looks like a beautiful country and I have enjoyed following along in your travels. Thanks for linking up to the Take Me Away Party!

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