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Loving My ZZ Plant

Do you change the location of your indoor plants from time to time? Ha, I do! And today I have to tell you how this pretty ZZ plant reacted to those changes. :D
I bought this Zamioculcas Zamifolia, most commonly known as the ZZ plant, exactly two years ago when I was decorating my bathroom for its big makeover reveal. I got rid of the plastic container it came in and transplanted it to this pretty ceramic pot, where it thrived!

Let me tell you if there's a plant you can't kill, it's this awesome ZZ plant!

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Yep. You can forget about her for months, she will be there waiting patiently for a little bit of water. :)
If you water her somewhat regularly and only when the soil is dry, she will produce new stems. Oh, and she doesn't mind low light.

Well, my ZZ plant was doing so well, that I had to divide it.
ZZ Plant being divided
I got a bigger pot and brought it back to the bath where she continued being the happy ZZ lazy girl she likes to be.
ZZ plant in bathroom

Early this year, when decorating my home for Spring, I brought it here to the family room. Then, I moved it to the foyer where I noticed that she wasn't producing new stems.
I moved it again, this time to the living room, and nothing! She was quiet. :(
Spring Mantel
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A few weeks ago, I brought it back to the bathroom and after a few days, this is what I spotted!😍

ZZ plant new growth
A couple days later... Another stem was popping up!!
ZZ plant

I was there every day taking pictures of its progress. It looks like she really enjoys this spot!
ZZ plant

If there is a plant I recommend for all of you no-green-thumb people, is this one, a ZZ plant!

Here are some of the reasons why you should give a ZZ plant a try:

  • ZZ plants prefer a lack of care. Just leave them alone! :D
  • They do good with a low amount of water. Only when the soil is dry.
  • They don't need much light, in fact, they like filtered light. (This must be the reason why my ZZ wasn't doing good on the main level of our home... too much light!)
  • They don't care about fertilizer. But, if you want, you can give them half-strength fertilizer during summer. that's it!

*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. It looks amazing against your white tile. They are common here in Hawaii and love the humidity.

  2. If they like humidity maybe that’s why it’s doing so well in the bathroom? So pretty! My mom has one. I’ll have to ask her to divide it.

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