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DIY - Rustic Wooden Garland - An Upcycled Project

Wooden bead garland on bookcase
While cleaning and organizing the garage, many old items resurfaced, which I had to quickly decide whether to throw away, or use for another purpose. This rustic garland was an upcycled project, which came from something that I had laying around in the garage, which I luckily hadn't thrown away.

My brother-in-law gave me this
staircase railing a couple years ago. He was bringing it to the recycling center, but I thought about using it here in the garage, near the entrance to the house. Well, a few years have passed and I had changed my mind about what I want to do there, so I definitely won't be needing this railing.

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You can continue reading the entire details further below, here's a short video of how this project went along:

During the first cleaning phase of the garage, I used a circular saw to disassemble the railing for easier transport to the recycling.
How to repurpose staircase railing - balusters
However, I couldn't let go of the balusters and instead, I put them inside this bucket. Ha, I've been shuffling that bucket around the garage ever since.
a bucket full of spindles

And well, last week I finally had the idea of making a wooden garland after looking at this one here.

This is how it all went:


I used my Makita miter saw to cut the baluster-spindles to create the "wooden beads".
The beads were cut at random sizes, about 1" to 2".  Although, I used a stopper (1-1/2") for the square section.
Cutting the garland beads with Makita miter saw
MAKITA 12 in. Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw |


Use a drill and a 3/16" drill bit to drill a hole on every wooden bead.
Drilling the holes in every garland bead
MAKITA Impact Driver | Drill Bit Set | Gloves |

I got a good bunch of beads! :)
Big chunky wooden beads for garland


Cut the string to the length you want. Mine is about seven feet long without the tassels and it has 56 beads on it.

I added a small piece of Gaffers tape on both ends of the string for easier stringing of the beads. However, these beads are big, many times I had to use an awl tool to push the string to the other side of the bead.
Stringing the beads


Two long tassels were created with the same string and using a piece of  7.5" plywood. You can also use a cardboard.

I wrapped the string 30 times around the plywood. Then, I brought a 20" piece of string under the wrapped string.

 And tied it to the top end.
 Then, using scissors, cut the other end.
Grab another 20" section of string and tie it at about one inch from the top or head of the tassel. Wrap it around about four or five times. Tie it. Then, trim those loose ends.

Trim the uneven ends.
trimming uneven ends of tassels
 I didn't like that my tassels were all wavy. Nothing that my trusty iron couldn't handle!
Ironing the tassels to keep them straight

How to make a big wooden garland with tassels

I love the two tone of this garland. I styled it here on the bookcase.
wooden garland on bookcase - white books and colorful art

And on the coffee table... The possibilities are endless!
How to repurpose banisters

This is a chunky, substantial garland.
how to repurpose spindles into a wooden garland

 It adds visual interest wherever you display it.
how to repurpose spindles

How to repurpose staircase baluster spindles
Now I have to go and make at least two more!

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. What a clever idea! So much more interesting than traditional round tassel beads!
    Pamela ~ DIY Vibes

    1. Thanks so much Pamela! The many varying shapes makes it so unique and interesting. Good to hear you like it.

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