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DIY - Concrete Serving Tray

wood and concrete industrial serving tray #diyworkshop

A concrete tray is an easy DIY project with lots of uses around the home. I find out that use it the most outdoors during summer time.

This project is part of a DIY - Workshop where a group of bloggers got together to create their own version following a similar project done at The Home Depot workshops, at the end of this post you'll find the link to check the other trays my friends have built.

First, let me tell you about my project, because I really love it! It was my first time working with concrete and it was fast and easy. I decided to lessen the cold factor the concrete gives by adding pieces of wood for an overall industrial look.
how to make a concrete tray - industrial handles

The most important step for building your own concrete tray is creating the tray form.
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The materials I used to create the form:
  • 1- 22" x 14" x ½" Plywood
  • 1-  1" x 2" x 8'  
  • 1- ½" half round x 5'
  • 12 - 1¼" wood screws
  • ¾" brad nails.

The materials I used to create the concrete tray:


Wood inlays in concrete tray
Mark the area for the 1" x 3" material on both ends of the piece of plywood. Then, draw 45-degree lines every 4" in the mid part of the plywood.
Ryobi nailer and drill #dihworkshop

Cut the half round material to cover the 45-degree lines. Set them in place with the nailer.
Use 1¼" wood screws to install the 1" x 2" pine material all around the plywood, to complete the form.
concrete projects for the home

The most important thing when you are ready to work with concrete is having everything ready!

Follow the manufacturer's directions and measure extra quantities of what you think you might need.
As the name implies, it's a rapid set mix, about 10 min. to harden.

* before pouring the concrete into the form, I sprayed it with cooking oil to prevent both materials from sticking up. *
how to make an industrial serving tray with wood inlays

I wanted to be extra sure the concrete was well set and waited 24 hours to drill the holes for the handles. I used a 1/4" carbide drill bit

the home depot workshop concrete tray

Drill holes into the wooden pieces too. Then, it's a matter of sandwiching the concrete in between the two pieces of wood on each side, pass the screws thru the three layers, top them off with the handles, and securing them with the cap nuts.

The final step is to cut new pieces of half round material and glue them in place.
Concrete tray

Those handles are strong! and I love the nice finishing touch the cap nuts give to the tray.
Industrial serving tray - concrete and wood
I think the addition of the wood warms up the flat concrete surface.
industrial concrete tray with drink and limes and lemons in white bowl - Patio decor

This is a strong tray that's going to serve me so well for a long time!
how to make a concrete tray with added wood - drinks and limes and lemons on tray

How to make a concrete tray with handles and wooden inlays - The Home Depot workshop

Now, let's see all the awesome creations my blogging friends created!
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