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How to Recover a Chair Seat

Good morning friends!

Tired of being home? Yes, I know, it's hard! But it looks like we've already hit rock bottom and the only way to go is up. Thanks for staying strong and staying home! That's the way we're going to win this battle. 🙌

While we're home, let's keep ourselves busy! I have five wonderful projects that you can recreate and will keep our minds buzzing. Starting off with this easy project, updating old seats with brand new fabric.
Recovering a chair seat is an simple project that will give you instant gratification because the investment is very minimal and you end up with a "brand new" chair! Well, almost right?! :D

the back of a chippendale chair in a bright color
I had this set of dark Chippendale chairs with damaged arms. After fixing the wonky arms, the chairs  were painted a fresh color and the seats got a fun new fabric.

I just love this transformation!
How to reupholster a Chippendale chair

Welcome to Home & Decor Encore where my blogging friends and I are sharing the best of the best from our archives.

Big thanks to Doreen at Hymns & Verses for organizing this group.

In today's posts Doreen guides us on how to create a message center from an old door, Lori's post is all about chalk paint, Laura shares how to bring new life to old chairs, Christy gives her porch table a gorgeous update and I'll give you the few simple steps on how to reupholster chair seats.

Chippendale chair recovered

Enjoy your weekend!!

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