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Mermaid Long Ruffle Pillow Covers - A Repurposed project

blush pink and blue bedroom decor

Do you love ruffles?

I love them.

They remind me of my mother, she used to sew dresses full of ruffles for me and my sisters. At that time, they were the norm, I didn't pay much attention to them, they embellished most of my dresses.

Nowadays, I cant get enough of them. Last year I got a couple of blouses with those huge ruffled sleeves, I love them!

However, when it comes to home decor I haven't used ruffles that much or I might say, at all.
It might be that I associated them with shabby chic style and I like to call myself a traditionalist, though with a relaxed twist.

A few months ago, as I was scouting through a thrift store, I found a white ruffled curtain. And hey, I couldn't ignore those ruffles!

Without knowing how I was going to use that curtain, since they only had one panel, I went and paid for it. The price: four dollars.

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curtains and white linens repurposed

Then, my SIL gave me this whole stack of white linens that she couldn't bear tossing away.

And yes, another white ruffled curtain was included in the mix.

What I didn't like about both curtains is that they're too short.

So, yeah, you know it... They were turned into pillow cases, using a regular pillow case as a guide.

sewing machine at work with pillowcases on white fabric

I got my old sewing machine and sewed two straight lines on each cover.  As you can see, my sewing skills are pretty lame. My straight lines are not so straight, but hey, who cares. 😜

If you don't have a sewing machine, I think this can be done with Stitch Witchery and an iron.

How to repurpose ruffle curtains into ruffled pillowcases

Look at all those long ruffles! 😍

ranunculus and waxflowers bouquet by the side of the bed.

That's something I knew I couldn't sew, so I had to cheat on these.

bed with pillow cases made from curtains
Pink Sheet Set  |  Sweater Knit Blanket

And as I promised in a previous post... I'm also adding little splashes of pink around my home.

blush pink and blue bedroom decor
Navy Fringe Lumbar Pillow  |  Headboard
flowers in a pitcher by the bedside.

Of course, flowers are a must!

Bedroom decor with pink sheets, sweater knit blanket and white ruffled pillow covers on a bed with wooden headboard

Yeah, flowers, pom poms, ruffles... :D

shabby chic bedroom with long mermaid ruffled pillow covers

So hey, are you a ruffle person?

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  1. Cristina- I LOVE how those pillowcases turned out. I do love ruffles but keep them pretty much in the bedroom. I love Rachel Ashwell's ruffled bedding--it is gorgeous and I love the feel of the material.
    Hope you have a great Thursday- xo Diana

  2. Oh my goodness! How cute are these pillow cases! Such a great idea. I love to add ruffles all around my house and have lots of pink, too. I guess I just never got over my love for the girly-girl stuff. LOL.. I'll have to put this idea on my to-do list. It's just adorbs. Susie from The Chelsea Project

  3. This is a brilliant repurpos, as usual! So feminine!

  4. Gorgeous!! I love the ruffles!

    I consider my decor style to be transitional but I love ruffles.

  5. love the beautiful work on the pillow casees. The lacy ends seem to pile with snow and flow so pretty
    come see us at

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