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Creative Ways For Making Your Small Bath Feel Larger

Gorgeous bouquet of peonies in bath counter

A few months ago my brother-in-law asked me if I was interested in taking pictures of a bathroom renovation that he and his team were going to tackle. My answer.. Well, hello YES!! Surely, he doesn't read my blog, because you all know how much I love the before and afters of a project! :)

I went to this pretty apartment in DC and took a few pictures before the renovation started. Then, last week, I went back to witness the amazing after.  LOVE it!!

I'm going to start this bathroom reveal with a few comparison pictures (I can't skip those before and afters 😉). Additionally, I'll be listing a few creative ideas they used to make this small bath feel larger.

Let's start with the following picture...
The BEFORE of a pretty and functional bathroom that was staring to look tired.

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white and black bathroom before makeover

A charming, bright bathroom that somehow looks larger!
white and grey bathroom makeover with pops of fuchsia

Here again a BEFORE of the shower area with the bulky bathtub in place.
white shower area with bulky tub

THE AFTER:  A spacious walk-in-shower with clear glass panels that give the entire room an open feel.
white and gray bathroom with fuchsia accents

The BEFORE, looking the other way:  A good pop of color with the wall art and the vibrant color on the entrance door.
white, black and fuchsia bathroom decor

The gorgeous fuchsia color on the door was kept in place, but the swinging door is gone!
white and gray small bathroom with fuchsia door and accesrories

BEFORE: The dark vanity and protruding mirror/medicine cabinet had to go. The lighting above the mirror wasn't helping either.
small bathroom with dark vanity, huge toilet and protruding medicine cabinet

THE AFTER:  A white, streamlined vanity with deep storage drawers and a flush-mounted mirror/medicine cabinet that also gives the room a perfect 3,000 Kelvin light color to reflect your image in warm light (incandescent light) conditions. - A luxury in itself!
small bathroom with floating Ikea vanity and flush mounted medicine cabinet

Having said that, let me list those creative ways for making the most out of your small bath:

1. Invest in little luxuries

This LED-lighted medicine cabinet is a great enhancement to any bathroom. The 360-degree light eliminates shadows and it improves the ability to apply make-up, especially in bathrooms like this one, without a window or natural light coming in.
small bathroom makeover with creative ways to make appear larger
Flush-Mounted LED Bathroom Mirror - Medicine Cabinet

2. Choose a smaller faucet

Stay away from bulky fixtures, instead go for a stylish, preferable single lever faucet that will give you more counter and sink space.
Moen faucet on Ikea floating vanity
Moen Faucet
3. Make it float

A floating vanity creates the illusion of more space in a small bath with the continuing floor beneath it.
bathroom makeover

4. Concealed storage is a necessity

Keep clutter at bay by storing bath necessities out of sight.  A vanity with deep drawers or a medicine cabinet recessed on the wall are great examples of this.
bathroom storage with deep vanity drawers

Clean lines on the furniture also adds to the clutter free design.
white Ikea floating vanity

5. Brighten up the room

Install extra lights to open up the space even more. Recessed can lighting directs light where you need it the most. Above the vanity fixtures or counter lamps will add warmth.
white, gray bathroom with fuchsia accents.
| Toilet  |
6. Keep a monochromatic color palette

Stay away of contrasting colors on those surfaces you can't change easily. You can always add pops of color with your accessories.
Small bathroom makeover - with vintage monogrammed hand mirror

7. Don't skimp on finishing details

A small bathroom is a great opportunity to highlight unique design details, after all, it's a small space, it's not going to break the bank.
Small bathroom makeover with before and after of tile molding detail

8. Get rid of that tub

Turning an unused tub into a walk-in-shower will immediately make your bathroom feel larger. Now, keep in mind this might affect resale value. It's recommended to at least have one tub in your home.
Walk in shower with clear glass panels - diamond fuchsia rug

9. Minimize visual weight

Get rid of the shower curtain by installing clear glass panels in your shower. You'll get rid of the visual barrier and will add more depth and light to the room.
strong shower door handle

10. Bring the tile in the shower all the way up to the ceiling

Talk about less contrasting lines and more visual height to the room.
Shower with tile all the way up to the ceiling and Moen rainshower showerhead
|  Moen Rainshower Showerhead  |
11. Stick to cleaner transitions

The less transitions your eye can catch, the more streamlined or spacious your bathroom will feel. A consistent color scheme, tile color or design, will lower the visual clutter in your bath.
shower pan with curb design
Shower Door  |
12. Choose texture over color

When working with a monochromatic scheme, texture will give contrast and a sense of harmony to the space. Look at the beautiful wicker texture on that tile!
12" x  22" Craft 3D Wicker White wall tile in bathroom
| Wall Tile: 12" x 22" Craft 3D Wicker White  |
13. Keep small accessories to a minimum
bathroom accessories and decor

14. Get rid of the swinging door 

No swinging door means more space for you to enjoy.
Fuchsia pocket door in bathroom

And painting the interior of the door a beautiful color is a very charming and unexpected detail.

Fuchsia pocket door in white and gray bath
Door Color: Benjamin Moore Blushing Red 2079 20

white, gray bathroom with fuchsia accents

Well my friends, I'm so glad I got to witness this transformation and I hope it can be of help when bringing change to your own small bathroom.

For more bathroom decor ideas check these out:

Small bathroom with double vanity and wall storage niche

white and gray bathroom makeover

small bathroom makeover

*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Beautiful transformation Cristina...glad you could witness it. I have 3 pocket doors in my home and I love them. Great space saver and I did use a partial glass "shower curtain" in a guest bath which enlarged the space. I don't like shower curtains or the glass shower doors but a partial sheet of glass works wonders. Thanks for sharing. Please be sure to link up at our celebrate your story link party at thanks. Kari

    1. Thanks Kari! I'm right there with you, no shower curtain or glass doors lover. Yep. a single sheet of glass in my bathroom has worked great. And hey, thanks for the invite. ;)

  2. Wow, that looks great. Taking out that tub makes it look twice as big! I admit, I have been wanting to take my tub out for years now but am afraid too, because it's the only tub in the house. Seeing these gorgeous pics is making it hard. I want to grab the sledgehammer now.... :-)

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