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DIY - Engraved Wooden Eggs - Easter Decor

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Easter eggs engraved

The displays on the stores and pictures all around social media keep on reminding me that Easter is fast approaching. While I usually don't go overboard on Easter decor, I always try to create one decor item to display on the mantel or a tablescape. This time around, I spent a good amount of time trying to grab a new skill: Engraving.  The results are very amateur... but, the satisfaction of getting started is priceless!
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If you're new to rotary tools, let me tell you that a rotary tool is a handheld power tool with a rotary tip that accepts a variety of attachments for different tasks... Grinding, etching, engraving, routing, cutting, sharpening, cleaning, etc.
Dremel 4300 Series Variable Speed Corded Rotary Tool Kit
I've had a Dremel rotary tool for a few years already, I constantly use it during my DIY projects around the house, I call it the "fix-it" tool, because I always bring it out to get me out of trouble... A molding that doesn't fit quite nice, grout that needs to go, cleaning a small spot before gluing it, the Dremel is always there. I only need to change the bit according to the task and it's good to go.
sanding, grinding, polishing and cutting kits for Dremel rotary tool
|  Sanding/Grinding Kit  |  Sanding/Polishing Kit  |  Cutting Kit  |
However, I had never used it for an art project or more precisely for engraving like i did here.
Well, getting the Dremel 32 in. Flex-Shaft Attachment was a good incentive. ;)
The Flex-shaft attachment easily attaches to most rotary tools and it gives you lots more control and comfort while working on a project that requires you to work for extended periods of time. Your hand will thank you!

I made a holder post using 1/2" pipe and connectors to hold the rotary tool.
how to set up the Dremel flex-shaft
It worked like a charm! It is a temporary solution that was clamped to the table leg. A floor flange on the bottom of the pipe gave it more stability.
Dremel 4330 and Milwaukee flashlight 500 lumens
Dremel 4300 Series  |  Milwaukee 500-Lumen Flashlight
I also brought up my Milwaukee flashlight. Great light is important while working on these projects. Being able to change the light setting from flood to spot was a plus too. And I love the flashlight's magnet, it attaches to the pipe strongly!

  • 500 Lumen of true view
  • 110° Pivoting head with spot and flood beam
  • Impact, water and dust resistant
  • Magnetic base for hands-free use
  • 3x faster charge time delivers 80% charge in under one hour
  • Fuel gauge allows fast checking of REDLITHIUM USB battery charge

Well, the first thing I did after having a dedicated working space was to practice my engraving moves on a spare piece of wood. You see that design I drew there? A little too optimistic! :D 
It was a small design with too much detail. Needles to say, it didn't work.
Dremel 32 in. Flex-Shaft Attachment 
In the end, I went for an easy as a pie design!  Dots and simple lines. 😬
The round-ish shape of the eggs made things a bit more difficult, I had to hold the egg with one hand while engraving the designs with the other.
For the most part of this project I used the round-shape engraving cutter you see in the picture below.
Dremel 1/16 in. Round-Shape Engraving Cutter
But, I tried many of the tips I had in my stash, like the one you see below for making the dots.
Practice is the best bet when trying to master a new skill. I definitely need to invest many more hours in order to get better at engraving.
After giving the eggs a good sanding, they got one coat of white paint.

After some more sanding to reveal some of the wooden tone, this is how they look.
I like the texture the engraving gives to the smooth surface of the eggs. However, the perfectionist in me keeps on doing... 😝😝

Well my friends, that was my first engraving experience and it's definitely not the last one.
Are you good at engraving? Any tips you want to give to this rookie? Let me know in the comments section below. Thanks!

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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