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Small Bathrooms Tour and Good Opportunities

A few weeks ago my brother-in-law asked me if I could take pictures of a couple bathrooms he just finished working on, he needed some good pictures of those projects and since he knows I keep on taking pictures on an almost daily basis, well, I guess that's why he asked me.

It was a bit nerve wracking, it's different when you do things for yourself than when you do work for somebody else. I made sure to pack everything I thought I needed, extra batteries for the camera, sd- cards, tripod, lights with extension cord just in case, and a few other things. You know... Better safe than sorry. ;)

It was a dark, rainy day, but I had to forget about using the extra light I brought. The bathrooms were tiny but adorable! They had a really good lighting plan, so that's what I used.

The owners have been renovating the whole house, trying to bring it to present times. Outside the bathroom, there is still wallpaper that needs to be removed.

The wall niche by the side of the vanity  is such a great focal point besides serving as a storage or display solution.

The color palette is soothing and at the same time playful, perfect for a kid's bath.

However, the wave glass mosaic in the shower area is what gives this bathroom a big splash or energy.

The wave tile and color combination is beautiful!

Adore Ivory Wall Tile
Plenty of niches in the shower area keep all the necessities at hand and organized.

The polished nickel fixtures with their stream lines complement the modern design in this bathroom.

The second bathroom, besides being on a smaller size than the previous one, had no natural light. However, it was equally beautiful.

From outside the door this is the view. Vanity and toilet on one side.

Here once again, the modern polished nickel fixtures are show stoppers.

I couldn't helped it. I had to turn it on!

Well, the wall tile is equally striking.

Satin Bianco Wave Porcelain Tile

Both bathrooms had those angled walls, and I love how the tile was brought all the way up.

A place to store all the shower necessities was nicely done.

A corner bench and the gorgeous river rock flooring completes the shower area.

I took several close up pictures of the work done in these bathrooms, like in this last pic. Those are the small details that tell when a project is done by professionals. Perfect!

I'm not a photographer, I've been learning and still have a long way to go in this department. I'm happy with the results of this assignment. ;) I think this is one more of the many opportunities that blogging brings your way, who knows what's next.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Cristine- You did a wonderful job taking pictures of those bathrooms. AND your BIL did a marvelous job remodeling them both. I really love that wave mosaic in the first bathroom. It is so much fun. xo Diana

  2. I totally agree with you, Christine. The way they continued the entire shower surround with the tile is beautiful! I love the wavy solid in the shower (2nd bath) and the blue tones in the first bath's tub! These are awesome bathrooms...thanks for sharing them. Blessings~
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

  3. You did a great job! I know how hard it is to photograph small bathrooms after I tried to take pics of my boys bathroom and powder room. I love those tile choices they made. I can't wait to see what you do for Christmas! I've got boxes all over my living room, too. I've been walking around with glitter all over my clothes and face for two days so I need to hurry up and finish this tree!

  4. The colors that they chose for those bathrooms really brighten them up, they're both beautiful!

    xoxo, SS

  5. Do you happen to know the material of the tub surround in the first bathroom? Is it cultured marble? We are looking to replace a surround and I really like the look of this one!

  6. Beautiful...will you please see if you can find out where he got the tile in the shower. Someday I plan on taking out my whirlpool tub and going with a large shower...don't growl...I've lived here 15 years and used the tub MAYBE 3 it won't even turn on! I just think I would be happier with a full, walk-in shower...I want river rock on the bottom and LOVE that wavey tile! Bathroom makeovers are the BEST. I love kitchen makeovers but bath makeovers are PERFECT for DIY beginners! And you can make a huge impact without a whole lot of money.

  7. Jenny, The material used around the tub in the first bathroom is Adore Ivory wall tile. I think is porcelain.
    Beck, For me it's been the same, that tub doesn't get any use from me. I'm also thinking on removing it, though I wonder about resale value. :/ The tile used in that shower is Satin Bianco Wave - a porcelain tile.

  8. You did a great job taking pictures! Very impressed, I love the bathrooms! Do you mind me asking what camera you use? I am in the market, and would love any advice!

  9. Either your brother in-law is a talented man or you are one heck of a guess is both! Cheers.

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