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Kitchen Organization - Plate Rack Ideas

The cold weather have me in an organizing frenzy. I know. Not fun at all.
And to make matters worse, the house looks messier than when I started organizing it!

Oh well, I'll be there someday. right?
Last week I set a pretty brunch table and I wasn't even thinking about posting it on the blog. But, now that I have nothing to show you, those pictures gave me the idea for this post about plate racks.

I love plate racks!

Having the plates upright, in a line, makes me happy. 🙂

I can see them, and handle them better than when they're stacked up on the horizontal. I believe that a plate rack is a stylish, convenient and safer way to store your plates given that they don't touch each other.

Over the years, I've been able to use and build a few different kinds of plate racks and I'm sharing them with you today because I think these are all easy projects that you can tackle in a weekend or two. Let me show you four different types of plate racks you can use to keep those plates organized and on the vertical in your kitchen.

*This post contains affiliate links.

I got these set of wooden plate racks when a Crate and Barrel store near us, closed its doors. These are the simplest plate racks you can buy or build.
plate rack dimension - round and square dowels
Yes. This is an easy build, using square and round dowels and glue.
I blogged about this type of plate rack right HERE, where I shared the dimensions of the ones I got, so it would be easy for you to build them.
diy plate racks

diy plate racks
I've been using this type of plate rack inside one of the wall cabinets in my kitchen to store salad plates.
kitchen organization - cupboards with plates and tea and coffee cups
 I'm also using another rack, with wider space in between dowels, to store glass bake-ware.
kitchen organization
If DIY is not a feasible route for you, you can buy pre-made sets like the one right HERE. Remember to use glue when assembling them, in order to create strong joints.

I tried to use these small plate racks to store dinner plates, but the dowels where too short for those big plates. That prompted me to go for another alternative when I was organizing this cabinet.
plate racks in kitchen cupboards


Building your own plate rack gives you the option to customize it to your own needs or plates. :)
This is a semi-fixed solution. Screws hold it in place, but it can be disassembled when you need to clean or paint the cabinet.
The complete instructions on how to build and install this plate rack are right HERE.


On the wall or on the side of the fridge plate racks are, in my opinion, a very easy DIY project. The empty space becomes the back of the plate rack and you only need to build the rack, which is similar to building a ladder.
how to build a plate rack on the side of refrigerator
The small space on the side of my fridge was turned into a charming place to store platters.
A platter display on the side of fridge with beadboard backing
All the details about this side of the fridge plate rack are right HERE.
office space with old window -botanical prints display


I've been having fun with this metal farmhouse plate rack. It's an easy way to set a buffet table. The d distressed finish on the metal adds lots of charm to the entire set  up. It holds way more plates than any of the other plate racks I have... 18. And it's pretty sturdy too.
breakfast table with metal rack as centerpiece
Here, I used it as a centerpiece on my table.
A bowl of fresh strawberries ... perfect decor on the breakfast table

Eggs in basket
 It's a piece that serves both, storage and decorative purposes nicely.
farmhouse decor
Metal Display Plate Rack |
Well, now you see how much I love plate racks. :) Tell me which one is your favorite or the want you want to build!
diy plate rack - kitchen
I now set my eyes in another type of rack... This coffee mug rack.  Ha, it's been in my wish list for a very long time, but I just don't have a wall where to hang it! :D

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. I really like the one with the dowels right in the front of the cabinet. I actually like them all. You are so clever with your building skills. xo Diana

    1. I'm with you, Diana, I like them all! :D Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.


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