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Kitchen Sink Cabinet Organization

How to bring organization to the cabinet under the sink

The cabinet under the sink was the only place in my kitchen that was complete chaos. :(

I never dared to show you a full picture of that mess.... Until now! :/

The hard part about this space was trying to figure out how to bring order when the cabinet has all those bulky items already in there...  The big garbage disposal unit, the hoses for the soap, dishwasher & faucet, and all those pipes!

Well, after having an empty and freshly painted cabinet, the last thing I wanted to see here was a mess.

So, let me show you how I tackled this beast!  But first, let's take a look at the awful before! :'(

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a messy cabinet under the kitchen sink with cleaning products in disarray.

FIRST PARTThe left side of the Cabinet - Endless supply of soap & oils wooden tray.

In that previous picture, which is an old pic, taken when the little bottle of soap kept on leaking. You can see there, on the left side, right under the garbage disposal unit, all the spilling of soap from using the little bottle.

Mr. RLC tackled this problem by retrofitting the big container of soap with a tube, we ditched the little container of soap that was causing all that trouble. You can read about our DIY Endless supply of soap right HERE.

Husky flashlight 1000 lumens giving light to the cabinet under the kitchen sink
Husky Flashlight  |  Mr. Clean Magic Eraser  |  Liquid Cascade Detergent

But then, when the big bottle of soap was replaced, somehow the suction was not the same. I called the mister again, and he was quick to arrive with his trusty flashlight :D  - Oh, this guy has the perfect flashlight for every situation! As he says... You need the right amount of Lumens for the space you're working in, and this flashlight is the one you need for work around the house. 😆

The thing is, he couldn't fix the suction problem either.

So, instead of going the DIY way, I went ahead and order the kit from Amazon - Never fill the little bottle again - soap dispenser kit.

how to connect the big bottle of dish-washing soap to the pump on the sink.

I love this thing! It's been working really well. It comes with three cap sizes for different bottle sizes, I stored the other two there on the tub, 3-ft of tubing, in-line valve, hook and loop securing strap and complete instructions on how to do it. I think the $17 dollar price is worth the hassle of finding all the gadgets at the home center.

how to bring organization to the cabinet under kitchen sink

So, the left part of that cabinet now looks like this. I built that wooden tray to hold the big bottles of oil.

SECOND PART:  Right side of cabinet - Cleaning products shelf & Pull-Out Trash Can

The right part of that cabinet was the messiest! If you look at the before picture, you notice there's a metal tray holding the big bottle of oil and who knows what else! Well, that's supposed to be a pull out track for the trash can, but we weren't using it any longer, in a bit, I'll explain why.

sprays and cleaning supplies organized with a simple shelf under the kitchen sink.
Steel Meister cleaner Bruce hardwood cleaner  |  Brillo pads

The first part to bring organization to this side was to get rid of stuff I didn't use. Then, I created this skinny shelf out of 1 x 4 material to hold all the sprays and cleaning products. Ahh, looking much better! :)

Then, I went to the garage to create a caddy/box to mount on that pull out rack, because it was a pain to use it! We had to open the door and then, lean down to pull the tray. It was easier to take the whole trash can out.

The little box for the trash can fit perfectly. But then, I noticed that the cleaning products were kinda stuck, hidden in there. So, I removed that board and instead, using a pocket hole, attached that side of the shelf to the cabinet's face frame.

The final part of the trash can dilemma was to attach the box to the door, that way, as soon as the door is open, the trash can comes out with it!

Sasweet!! 😊

I still need to install a top pull on the top center of the door, I already bought it, it doesn't show that much.
It's so much easier having the entire can come out as soon as you open the door! Ahh, the little things. :)

THIRD PART: Inside the sink sponge holder

Elkay Sponge Holder

Back in Summer when I attended the Haven conference, each of the attendees got a really nice swag bag. Many of products were brands I already knew and loved, others were brands new to me.

The Elkay kitchen sink organization products were in the later group. At first, I didn't know how they worked, but as soon as I put them to good use, I fell in love!

They use MAGNETS instead of the stinky suction cups to attach the gadgets to the sink!
Each holder/gadget comes with a strong, round black magnet.

The thing is, magnets don't attach to stainless steel or other non-metal sinks. But, that's why they include a strip of metal for you to attach it to the outside of the sink. It comes with a line of adhesive, but I extra secured it with hot glue .

Once the metal strip is on the outside, you can place your magnet on that same part inside the sink, followed by your metal sponge holder.  I'm telling you it's a strong hold!

The good part: I can take it away as many times as I want to clean that area, without worrying about the pieces not staying in place any longer. I was glad to get rid of the suction cap I was using before.

Here, a bird's eye view of the sink area.

FOURTH & FINAL PART: The tip out sink front trays.

Well, this is an extra way to utilize every little nook and cranny you have in your small kitchen!
I'm now using one side to store the vegetable peelers, can opener, and the other side for cleaning items.

Well my friends, there you have it, organization to the max! :)

How to bring organization to the cabinet under the sink

It feels so good to have this space all cleaned up, organized and functioning so well! 

white Kitchen sink cabinet with pull out trash can and endless supply of soap and shelves for cleaning products.

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  1. it turned out really nice, makes me want to clean out mine....
    the magnetic sponge holder is really neat, so much better than the suction cups one!
    I like the idea of installing narrow shelves on the side with 1x4, perfect.

    1. Oh Morgane, you can tackle those shelves in no time, they're a big space saver! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your always kind comments. <3

  2. Much more efficient. The only thing I would have changed (if I had your skill set) is I would have put the trash can to the far right and the split shelf in the middle so you could get to the cleaners, etc. easier from either side.

    Wish the builders would automatically include slide out drawers and shelving under kitchen and bathroom sinks. My builder didn't even include the tip out trays in front of the kitchen sink. Did you do a post on how to do this?

    I always enjoy reading your posts and love the photo of the purple sage!

    1. You know, I didn't even think about installing that shelf in the center of that cabinet. So, after I finished reading your comment I went to check the cabinet again, and nope, all those white pipes converge right there in the center, I placed the Cascade in front of them.
      I have to pull the trash can all the way out to reach to those bottles in the far back, not too bad, given that I don't use those items as frequently as the ones in the front part.
      There's still space on the left side for a similar shelf, I'm going to install it whenever the need for it arrives.
      This house was another builder basic, and nope, they didn't give us the tip out trays. We bought them at Amazon, and it was my husband the one who installed them, maybe that's why I didn't write a post about those.
      Thanks so much for your input, I appreciate it! I love those purple flowers though they can be a bit messy. :)

  3. Cristina, I can't get over what great ideas these are! My under sink area is a mess right now. I don't have much space because we have a reverse osmosis tank and a garbage disposal taking up a lot of the room. I probably could put a skinny shelf on the side like you did, though. Now you have me thinking... Have a great weekend!

  4. I have a similar organizer on my sink Cristina, however my under sink cabinet is a challenge since it is on a corner, weird shape. Love all your tips!

  5. These are fantastic ideas for under sink organizing. Thank you for sharing. Pinning away!

  6. It looks wonderful!! It does feel so good to organize! I've been doing the same in my closet....oh how good it feels.....

  7. Great transformation and I am going to look for the Elkay products.

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