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Family Room Before and After

Do you like to see before and after pictures of a project? 

If your answer is yes, then this is a post for you. Now, if you don't care about before and afters, but still like a good room makeover, then you can stick around for a bit.

I always love before and afters and I usually do this kind of post after a room renovation, that's why, after bringing change to my family room and going thru the many pictures I just had to put this post together to better witness the transformation.

Let's start from the very beginning...  
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The picture below is how our family room looked in the year 2000. Within a couple of months of living in our new house, the family room was painted dark green. Then, picture frames were installed all around the room and they were painted light green. Yellow was the accent color.
Almost 10 years later and after bringing change to the adjacent kitchen, I gave the family room a mini-makeover... The green on the walls was replaced with a light grey. The fireplace got an over-mantel that gave it a good amount of height and I created a dedicated space for the new flat tv.
Oh, I loved the modern look the new room sported. So much brighter! - Those two bookcases were a Craiglist find.
The years passed way too fast. Before I knew it, almost 10 more years had gone by. The family room was again, looking tired and messy. This is how the room looked this past October:
And this is how it looks now:
Entertainment center in family room
|  Rug  |  Coffee Table  |  Drum Pendant Light - similar  |  Rolled Arm Accent Chair  |

The main problems here were the lack of storage and mismatched furniture. The room had become the space to store stuff I didn't want in other rooms. The small love-seat, a temporary solution, also looked dated and out of proportion to the room.
Mis-matched art and furniture. 😵  By the way, we sold the buffet you see here.
Building this big unit solved the storage issue and we also got a good amount of shelf space to display decorative pieces.
The tv is now to the other side of the room.
I love the streamed line the unit gives to this entire side of the room. Bye-bye messiness!
DIY - Built-in entertainment center
This picture below is one of the reasons I built the unit on that entire wall. Those corners and spaces in between furniture were the catch-up spots for anything and everything!
Now, all that stuff is behind closed doors. ;)
Ahhh so much better!
Same thing on the other side...

And now this bookcase is holding kitchen items that were before in the basement.
We said goodbye to that little sofa.
This is how that space looks now:
The biggest change on the other side of the room was, perhaps, getting rid of the brown paint... and removing the tv.
It's amazing how a fresh coat of paint gives a whole new perspective to a room.

The fireplace, curtains, and coffee table stayed the same.
 |  Wall Art  | Curtains - similar  | 
The new sofa fits the space much better. Oh, and remember I told you how the cushions on the sofa kept on slipping out? Well, we contacted the store we bought it from - Belfort Furniture- And they gave us the option of changing it for a new sofa -same or different model. I decided to get another model and it'll be arriving in a couple of weeks.
|  Cantilever Floor Lamp  |  Chair  | Table Lamp  - HomeGoods | 

Contrary to how the room looked before, our new family room is always tidy and organized. Well, except for the throw pillows that the kids keep on shuffling around. 🙄

I guess the secret is to have all those knick-knacks at bay or stored out of view.
DIY - entertainment center in family room

I'm delighted at how this room turned out and I hope all the work done here can be of help or inspiration for your own project. 💙

Here are the links to all the work done in the family room:

*This post contains affiliate links.

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. Cristina, I am blown away by your talent! Seriously, I love everything about this room. So great how you flipped the room and made use of that long wall. Perfection!

    1. Shelley, you just made my day! Thanks so much for your kind words. Flipping the room has worked so much better for us, I don't know why I didn't think of that long ago!

  2. I am still blown away by the built ins! The room looks amazing. I am hoping to attempt some built ins when we get a few projects wrapped up. Both organizers are great. I would probably pick #1.

    1. Mary, That's a really good strategy. Well, that's what I've been doing... building the skills by getting into small projects until reaching to big projects like this unit. Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

  3. This is such a fabulous Before & After! It really shows what’s possible. Thanks for sharing your inspiration and talent. Encouraging for us novices : ).
    Have just bought new sets of tools, as we have recently moved long distance, so Husky Prize 1 would be a great addition!

    1. Thanks sweet friend!! I'm so happy to hear you got some new tools. it means a project or projects are about to start! :D Crossing my fingers, that tote would be perfect to store those babies.

  4. This project floors me each time I see it! I then walk into my LR and sprain my brain figuring out how to do it to mine! Deliriously delightful!

  5. WOW!!! I love this- you did a fantastic ob in this room. You are just amazing!!!! I can't wait to get into a new space to see what I can "redo" xo Diana

  6. I do enjoy Before and After pictures and stories. Thank you for including all the transitions through the years. The final result is spectacular. And, I love the abstract art above the fireplace.

  7. The before and after is so dramatic! What did you do with the two Craigslist bookcases? The bright walls look so fresh and clean! It's like a new house!

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