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Coffee Table Makeover with Added Lower Shelf

how to fix woobly feet on coffee table

During Spring break I took one day apart to spend it with my SIL doing something we both enjoy very much: Thrifting. 

We didn't find many goodies, but we did have a really good time. 

The only two items that came home with me were a pair of linen curtains -I still need to give them a good wash- and this coffee table which cost me twenty bucks, yeah, nice price. ;)

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thrifty coffee table - orange oak

I'd been looking for a coffee table to replace the one we'd been using for the past couple of years. 

This little table had served us well. It used to be a regular table, but after many years of no use, we cut the legs and Voila! We got a coffee table. :)  

Lately, I've been wanting a more robust table in its place.
family room with fireplace and white and golden legs coffee table

When I saw this chunky legs table, I knew it was coming with me. One of its legs was very loose and that's precisely the first thing that got fixed. 

Well, all the legs were secured.

This is a heavy table, my guess is that every time someone pulls the table, the legs are the ones to suffer, getting looser with every pull.

how to fix loose legs on coffee table

That's why I decided to attach a lower shelf, well, I also wanted the extra shelf for more storage. That's like a win-win situation - no damage to the legs and extra storage. ;)

I had most of the materials needed to fix this table: 

 One shelf/plywood and four little extra feet.

For the shelf I used the remnants of the underlayment sheet I bought for the Tray Organizer for the above fridge cabinet

The little feet were the extra pieces I cut from a table to create a bed in the guess room
Ha, many times I feel like a hoarder saving things like these, but hey, you never know when you're going to use them! I'm glad I saved these.

If you are in need of updating a table in this same way and need extra feet, you can find some similar wooden feet right HERE.
material for added lower shelf of coffee table

The lower shelf was cut to size but in order to make all the sides smooth, trim was added, mitering the corners.
how to make edges of plywood smooth
Nailer |

Then, with the table upside-down the shelf was centered and the legs placement marked in order to make pre-drills for the screws.

how to attach lower shelf to coffee table

The screws were driven into the countersunk pre-drills. Right after, the little extra feet were added in the same way.

add little feet to coffee table

This is how the table looked at the end of the day.

coffee table before paint

After caulking, sanding and two coats of paint this is its new look.

My next post HERE is about the paint effect. I didn't want this post to be too long.

Cute hardware added to the more visible ends completed this makeover.
| Pulls |

Hey, maybe you don't have time to go thrifting or DIY'ing and you need a similar table! 
You can find a similar coffee table right HERE.
painted coffee table with added lower shelf

coffee table makeover - baskets - little wheel barrow and books

I think this table fits in the room much better than the one we had before. I love the lower shelf.
coffee table makeover

DIY how to add a lower shelf to a coffee table

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. What a great thrift store find! I love your changes :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

    1. Thanks Jordyn, I think it was a really good price for such a strong table! :)

  2. Nice job, Cristina. You always take the ordinary to that next level. VERY clever and useful! xo Diana

  3. You are amazing! That is one gorgeous table! Have a great weekend! xxx Maria

  4. Fabulous! looks like it's always been that way Cristina!

  5. It looks fantastic in your space and the added shelf makes it look even better.

  6. It looks fantastic in your space and the added shelf makes it look even better.

  7. That is a great makeover and looks beautiful in your home. Way to go!

    1. Thanks Guerrina! It's so nice to hear from you, I hope you're doing great!

  8. Love that a small change made this room amazing.

  9. What a beautiful makeover - love the color & handles!

  10. Amazing! It looks like it was built that way Cristina. Looking forward to your painting technique post. Such a good job!

  11. Excellent job, Cristina! Love the extra shelf and the overall heft of the table in your LR.

  12. Brilliant - what a wonderful transformation!

    Well done, looks awesome.

  13. Great job on the coffee table! sheila

  14. Very cool how you added the shelf and then the extra feet!!! So smart! It looks beautiful, and I love the finish! You are not a hoarder you are smart, but I know I feel like that sometimes too! :)

    1. hehehe I can see that with all those beautiful repurpose projects you create, Mindi! Thanks for stopping by!

  15. Wow Cristina! You are truly amazing! Love the shelf you added!!

  16. You are so clever!! It looks amazing!

  17. I have a matching coffee table and can't wait to try this!!

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