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T.V. Wall

It was now time to give the t.v. its place.  I wanted to have it in between the two windows to minimize glare.  First thing I did was to mount it to the wall, that way I could just  turned it to one side or the other, being able to watch it even from the kitchen.
Now, how was I going to hide that big black thing? Easy: Paint!
I decided to leave the wall frames, I love them. Ever since my sister-in-law’s husband, Stanley, helped us with these ones in the family room, I continued my love affair with wall frames all around the house. Later on you’ll see. ;)  

But for the purpose of hiding the t.v. I needed to take off the lower piece and extend that frame waaay lower than it was. (Dear Stan: I learned is better not to glue these little moldings! You’ll rip off the wall if you want to take them down. :(  From now on, I'm gonna use just little nails)

Next, I painted the inside a nice chocolate brown color. The nice thing was I just needed to go down the basement to get the half gallon of paint left from painting the office.  It was dark enough to camouflage the t.v.  And it would tide with the colors used in the kitchen.

Behr Sweet Georgia Brown - flat

Time to find a console to put all those electronics. And yeah, I know… you all know… When with no budget left... lets see….  aha,  Craiglist!    I found this $20 beauty (well, not so pretty at the beginning)  Clean lines, 4 drawers to hide those controls and cables but in the middle was this big empty space with sliding doors that I just had to remove.  I painted the inside the same color as the kitchen island and added two shelves.

Still, my t.v. wall needed something else. Of course!  Something up there to kind of close up this “t.v. unit” A FLOATING SHELF! Lately I've been spotting them everywhere.   So, I built my floating shelf following Ron Hazelton tutorial here. Price: next to nothing because of the leftovers from the kitchen.

Some accessories and here is my new t.v. wall:

You can also check my new tutorial on how to build your own floating shelves.


  1. It looks really, really nice! You did a great job of blending it in! Hugs and Happy Sunday- xo Diana

  2. Looks fabulous. I love the idea of using the brown paint. It really does camouflage the tv. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  3. Hello,

    I am a new follower....loved your earlier post on the fireplace.. It came out beautiful and love the color for to blend in the tv.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Take care,

  4. Just found your blog via The Inspired Room. Wonderful stuff you are doing here! I am really enjoying seeing how it was all done! Looking forward to more.

  5. That looks fab! Love the blue chair too next to it. Welcome to blogging. Glad you found my newbie party. I just came over via your email so I have to go back on my blog to remove the other post as you mentioned. Just be sure to add my link or button. That goes for all the parties you join.

  6. That floating shelf made such a difference to what it was before. Thanks for the advice :)

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