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Fall Home Tour

It seems like summer flew by this year and all the plans I had at the beginning of the season had to be chopped because I've been so behind! Don't you feel the same? Once we reach July the months' whiz by faster and faster and in no time we're preparing for the holidays. Well, it happens to me every. single. year.

However, I love when we start getting ready for the colder months. The enticing smells wafting from pumpkin spiced goods, storefronts lined with colorful leaves, and bountiful harvests, and the promises of season sales get me in the decorating mood. Of course, home tour week is a great opportunity to take advantage of my decorating needs. And I'm always more than happy to be a part of the Fall home tours hosted by the gracious Marty from A Stroll Thru Life.

A very special welcome to you if you're stopping by Amber's beautiful home over at Follow The Yellow Brick Home.

Most of my Summer was spent in this space (pictured below): my bathroom.
I started this bathroom renovation at the beginning of Summer and though I had lots of help, it's still not finished. I thought that I would be done by now, but I'm still waiting for a product that was out of stock and moved my due date further behind.

Well, this is a sneak peek of the bathroom where I built in a set of shelves when there was once only a plain wall. Check the boring before HERE. Oh, we can never have too much storage that's for sure. I'm loving those little cubbies.

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If you've ever gone thru a big renovation in your house, you'll know all the mess and discomfort it creates around your home.

Ha, my bedroom is still a mess, not quite the tornado I had a month ago full of tools, products, and sawdust, but definitely nothing worth taking a picture of.

The only bedroom that survived the chaos was my son's room.
Teen Boy Room  |  Bed  |  Letter M wall art |  Ceiling Light
Maybe, it's because he moved out for a couple weeks and slept in the basement where he was enjoying the cool temps during the summer humidity...

Now that he's back in school, he has returned to his room. Most afternoons you'll find him here doing his homework.

The cute little fan was a thrifty find during one of my outings with my daughter.
Bicycle Art  |  Frame  |  Wall Sconce | Pillow from Homegoods

I think we can never go wrong with buffalo checks. Love the duvet cover.

Sweater Pumpkins  |  Brick Wall Paper

My son never cares about what type of decor I use in his room. So, the little pumpkins on the headboard fit my decor pretty well. :)
Duvet Cover  |  Build-ins  |  Wire Baskets  |  Globe

Downstairs things weren't too messy or dusty either.
Kitchen Makeover  |  Birch Bark Wreath  |   School House Ceiling Light
Purple was the accent color I used here in the main areas.  The kitchen looks royal with the gladiolus.

The birch bark wreath tops off the hood with a good amount of texture.

That opened cupboard on the right is now our coffee station. Well, those little vintage brown bottles are a little bit of autumn decor.

In the contiguous family room, the fireplace mantel was the only area that got some decor.

We've had some cold and rainy days these past few days thanks to the Atlantic storms and now probably a hurricane. My prayers are for anyone in its path.

I'm glad I took out those blankets, they've had lots of use already.

 A set of willow trays make a great fall statement on the mantel.

Having some visitors prompted me to turn my office space into a regular dining room.
Plate Rack  |  Build-ins  |  Coffered ceiling |  Chairs  |  Table |

It's been quite a while since the last time I decorated a tablescape. It was fun to work on this one and to add a few touches of fall decor around this room.
Pendant light  |  Cotton Wreath  |  
The build-ins got some muted colors which would be easy to change later on for the holidays.

I thought I was so luckiest, finding pumpkins these early, even before the season! I had a huge smile when looking for flowers I stepped into Trader's Joe and there before my eyes I also found lots of pumpkins. :)

Pumpkins, flowers, and some greens came with me to set this table that I'm sharing right HERE.

Oh, and stay tuned for the bathroom reveal, it's coming soon!

The tours are done for today, but tomorrow morning my friend Laura from Inspiration for Moms will take you throughout her beautiful home. I can't get enough of her kitchen. Check it out!

Here is the entire week line up:

Our FifthHouse 
Thrifty & Chic 

*This post contains affiliate links.

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. Cristina, your home looks so beautiful! Your son's room will always be one of my favorite boy room ever! So nice to see the fall updates you have made. Stay safe in this horrible hurricane. We are in NJ so we shouldn't see much of it but I pray for everyone in the southeast!

    1. Thanks so much Shelley! it looks like all the work done to bring lots of storage to this room has been paid off with how easy is for him to keep it neat. 😉 I'm in MD / DC area, lots of rain is what we're expecting. But, I'm praying for it to weakens some more.

  2. I adore your sons room, it is so full of your fabulous DIY projects and checks are a favorite too. You kitchen makeover you did some time ago has always been one of my favorites, I love your plate racks and all your special details. Can't wait to see the bathroom and those wall shelves are so genius. Thanks so much for joining the tours, always such a delight to visit your home.

    1. Marty, Thank you so much for having me! I'm so very honored to be a part of this tour. You're an inspiration and the most genuine and caring hostess, always lifting us up with your kind words, thanks!

  3. i can never get enough of your beautiful home Cristina. the plum and mustard combo is fabulous. I will need to come back tomorrow for your bathroom reveal....

    1. I think I stole that mustard idea from you!! :D You're a pro at it. And no, I'm hoping to have that bath ready like in a week. 🤞 Thanks for stopping by my friend!

  4. Cristina,
    What a lucky day to find pumpkins and flowers at Traders Joe just in time for your Fall home tour with Marty. I love looking at all the beautiful upgrades you personally have installed throughout your house and have been following your bathroom progress all summer. Send me an email to find out about being part of my ongoing Inspiring Creativity series in which I feature inspiring bloggers who give us all behind-the-scenes information of their creative projects. I would love to feature you!

    Looking forward to the full bathroom reveal... Happy Fall,


  5. Fabulous tour, Cristina. Summer? What summer? I think I missed it!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Oh wow I am loving your purple and mustard combo! I used golds, yellows and greens this year for early fall. Can't get enough of the yellow, and your look is so fresh and fun for fall!

    I love your tablescape and all of your natural touches too. As a pumpkin and flowerlover that last pic has me swooning!

    So happy to be joining the tour with you this week. Have a happy fall!
    Follow The Yellow Brick Home

  8. As always, your tour is simply awesome. The purple and mustard is just perfect. So fresh and original. Love it!!! ~~ Susie

  9. your home is beautiful as always- love all your fall touches! so fun being on the tour with you this week. Have a wonderful weekend. kristy seibert from starfish cottage

  10. First, your bathroom looks amazing! And, I love the touches of purple you used in your fall decor! So pretty! Happy Fall!

  11. Cristina, your home is just so stunning! As always everything is styled beautifully!

  12. May I ask where did you get the "Pumpkin Spice sign" sign.

    1. At Marshall's last year. An end of season sale that only cost two bucks. I almost forgot I had it, so it brought a huge smile to my face when I unpacked it two weeks ago!. :)

  13. Cristina your home looks beautiful! Your son's bedroom is still one of my favorite remodels of yours.

  14. I love the touches of brown with all the light neutrals! So pretty! Happy fall!

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