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Range Hood with a Farmhouse Look

Open kitchen cabinets with range hood

Are you picky when choosing paint colors?  I'm not, or so I thought.

Really, all my life I've picked the colors I've used in my rooms and furnishings very easily. My motto is: All colors are beautiful, and even if they don't seem like the right choice when you're applying them, you can make them work with all the other elements in the room.

Ha, I kept on reconsidering that mantra all last week!

Finding that perfect grey plus my lousy job at patching was the reason this small range hood got  like five coats of paint. :/

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During my last post HERE, I showed you how I got rid of the old trim and how the new trim was installed.

And then, I went ahead and painted the hood with some paint remnants I had on hand. That grey paint was too dark. So, I went looking for a lighter alternative and got BM Galveston Gray, which I liked!

While waiting for those painted parts on the hood to dry, I started painting the island that same color.

Once the paint on the hood dried I noticed those ugly bumps. :(  I didn't do a good job sanding those patches.


So, back to sanding and painting.

I didn't pay attention to the other side until night time arrived and thanks to the light I could see that ugly right corner up there.  Yes, more sanding. :/

I also noticed that the BM Galveston Gray was not the right shade for the island, some how it looked lighter on the island than on the range hood. So, the island got a new color: BM Ashland Slate, a darker and more on the blueish side grey color.

And guess what?? I didn't like those two colors together! One has a yellowish tone, while the other is on the blueish side. And as you can see, I gave the range hood a coat of Ashland Slate and I liked it, though it's a bit darker than what I wanted it.

And that's when I decided to give it a whitewash effect using the BM White Dove I used on the cabinets, water, a brush, a rag or paper towels and a paper plate.

kitchen makeover with grey range hood

The brush got dipped on the paint just a tiny bit then, it's dabbed on the paper plate, mixing it with water. The more water, the lighter the effect or easier to remove.

At the beginning I used a little towel to remove the water/paint, but then I used paper towels and they work just the same. It's good to start on the less important side, in my case, the left side, no one can see it if that first try it's not so good. ;)  Applying and removing the paint was done vertically, that's how I wanted the effect.
grey whitewash range hood makeover - white farmhouse kitchen

This is how it looked afterwards. I liked it, but it was missing something, and that's when the idea of adding a wooden detail appeared.

gorgeous weathered vinyl plank
Oak Vinyl Plank Flooring
I didn't have much space, the trim is only ½" thick, because of that, I used vinyl plank flooring.

  Miter Saw
One plank was all I needed. It was cut to size with an utility knife then, the corners got mitered.

I installed them with my  brad nailer and double sided sticky tape, especially on those corners.

This is how it finally looks.  I took off the painters tape just before taking these pics. I still need to go all around straightening those lines and getting rid of the grey marks on the cabinets.

grey and white kitchen makeover with range hood

As you can see, I brought back the shelves and installed the plate rack. I haven't installed the doors on the other cabinets, but hey, now I see the finish line. ;)

And from now on, I'm going to be more sympathetic towards people having a great deal of trouble finding that perfect shade! ;)

open kitchen cabinets with range hood

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oak kitchen with space for range hood during construction

white range hood with beadboard detail and plate rack inside cabinet full of white dishes and cups
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pieces of trim used on updating a builder's grade kitchen

*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Beautiful! And I feel your pain sister! Since I changed out the chairs in my room I KNOW I need to repaint the walls...but this is exactly why I can't even bring myself to pick up samples. It is also why, in 18 years, my living area walls have been painted ONE time....and it was with the exact same color it was originally painted! But your vent hood looks amazing and all the hard work paid off!

    1. Hi Beck, thanks! :) You're so hands on doing almost anything in your home that it's hard to believe you haven't changed that color in 18 years! :D Let's do it!

    2. I have eight large blobs of "gray" (four colors) on my bedroom walls as we speak. I'm pretty sure I am going to repaint the entire room the same color it is now. I know gray is the "in thing" but I'm afraid I won't be happy with it...this may be one of those "do what you love"!

  2. It looks gorgeous. I love the new design and adding the wood was perfect.

  3. You always do a great job with these projects, honestly though I loved it before I love it even more now!

    1. Aww thanks so much, Sandra! I liked the previous makeover, but the beadboard wallpaper needed to go. The new one will be much easier to clean. ;)

  4. Your old hood looked great to begin with Cristina, but my, this one is fabulous! Love the wood grain you added to it as well, can't wait to see everything done!

    1. Thanks Vel! it's so good to hear that. :) The wood look detail is perhaps my favorite part.

  5. I'm sure you probably know this, but I always paint two coats before I can see the true color. I don't care what the paint manufacturers say, one coat is simply not enough. The second coat adds the depth and richness to the color.

    1. You're right on that one! I loved all the colors and even with only one coat they looked great. What made me change the colors was that I was going after a blue-ish, not too warm tone.

  6. I think it turned out beautifully! I with I could pick out colors easily, I agonize over every color decision!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  7. It turned out great and I had to laugh at the different color options. You sound just like me with paint. I am always repainting. LOL. I still have not found the perfect blue-gray.


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