Adding Moldings to your Kitchen Cabinets

With the big problems being taken care of, it was time to put on some beauty!  That’s my word for moldings:  Beauty.
by The Family Handyman
I began working at the bottom, perhaps avoiding the headache of dealing with crown molding.
I set to find a molding to put at the bottom of the cabinets but couldn't find it. I was told it had to be special ordered.
Time was kind of a concern but also price (as usual), it wasn't that cheap. So, once again I got to work at making it myself.

I bought a wall molding that I liked.  On the back of that one, I attached another one that is called “parting bead”
I glued and nailed these two pieces together, cut them as needed (mitered at the corners), and attached them to the bottom of the cabinets.
To the left is the wall molding, the two little lines
represent the nails to attach it to the bottom of the cabinets.
Next step was to attach the molding around the base of the range hood; in this case I used this one:

Then, I continued by closing the gap in between the top of the cabinets and the piece of MDF that was placed to close that open space.  Here I used this:

 It is a very small molding, that once in place looks like this:
I also put another piece of molding a little bit higher than the one before, pretty similar to the one at the bottom of the cabinets.  It was nailed to the piece of MDF to visually break that big empty space.
On the side of the cabinets overlooking the window I also created the look of “recessed” panels with pieces of wood of ¼”x 2.

The crown molding was the last one to be installed.  It wasn’t that bad this time (we had installed it before in our daughter’s bedroom and it was a pain for us to install it that time). Not any more, you can check HERE an easy way to cut crown corners.
After all the moldings were installed, this is how it looked:

Just waiting for caulking, sanding and painting.
The molding at the front of the range hood was glued in place after everything was painted. For that I used “half round”.

After everything was done this how it looks:

These are the moldings used:

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Day Dreaming And Decorating said...

Wow! Gorgeous!

Design_Fluff said...

muy bonita!

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

I am loving your tutorials on how to do such beautiful additions!

Thank you!
Lee Ann

Morgane @ Bear,Dolly and Moi said...

Your work is very beautiful, a lot of great ideas.
I am working on my kitchen and I think I will combine some of your ideas from the kitchen and laundry room.
I will also check out that lumber store, I guess I live in the same region than you!
Did you also buy your plywood there?

Linda @ it all started with paint said...


I remember your kitchen from back in January and now that I've crossed paths with it again at Addicted 2 Decorating's party, I had to pin this idea. I have the exact same dust gathering issues above my cabinets. This is going on my to do list!

Thanks for the great tutorials!



Tammy said...

It is beautiful! Pinning it1

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

This took so much patience and attention to detail. It's just beautiful. I saw your link at Savvy Southern Style. Glad I stopped by!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

You have the best posts! What a huge difference moldings make to plain cabinets!
Great instructions!!!!

Becca said...

What a transformation that adding molding makes! Thank you for the wonderful tutorial ... I'm taking notes! Beautiful kitchen!

Amanda said...

That looks AMAZING!! I am completely wowed!!!

The Other Me Is Sane said...

I love your kitchen. You did a terrific job of updating it.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

That trim just makes it all look so rich.


Wow sweet Christina, you are so talented, can get over how beautiful you turn everything you touch into! The moldings are the icing on the cake, just gorgeous!

Maury @ Life on Mars said...

Gorgeous! I'm pinning this because I'd love to add some molding to the bottom of our cabinets. Great job!

I'm a new follower. I hope you'll stop by my blog!

Just Spiff It said...

You did an incredible job! I am so impressed. We just got finished with a big remodel as well. I still need to have the molding put around the kitchen window. I would love to see a close up of how you did that area. I know I will be spending more time on your blog!! It is great.

Cristina Garay said...

Thanks everyone for all your kind comments!

To Just Spiff It, installing molding around a window is a post I need to do in the near future. btw you have a no-reply e-mail address.

Wedding dresses said...

Really impressed! Everything is very, very clear, open is a description of the problem. It contains the information.

LRae said...

What an excellent tutorial. Really helped me with moldings to choose for closing in my cabinets. Thank you!!!

Building Moxie said...

I'm a sucker for any post that includes a diagram and it looks like you making a ton of progress with your projects. this is a good one, exactly similar to a pro install and one that many kitchens could benefit from. well done Christina.

Katie said...

I love your curtain. What is the fabric - Did you make it or buy it? Your home is such an inspiration!!

slavalera said...

Fantastic renovation!!!! We are going to do pretty much the same- paint oak builder grade cabinets and install molding. Also, marble backslash (love the one you choose), hopefully, will be doing the same hood cover. We are not DIY, unfortunately, and will hire a contractor to do all that. Will use your posts to show our contractor how it should look like! Thank you for all step-by step postings!

Cristina Garay said...

That's so right, Slavalera, you're doing pretty much the same! Thanks for stopping by! I would love to see the before and after of your kitchen reno, very exciting! Good luck with it!

Christina Torres said...

I love your kitchen and can't wait for my builder grade kitchen to look like that! I had a oak wall in my family room that I stained gray and covered with a white wax and that was a really cool treatment, but I'm going to stick with white for the kitchen! Thanks for the inspiration!

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