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Fall Home Tour

Fall decor in bedroom with tall headboard, built-ins and white decor

white fireplace mantel with fall branches and brown and white strips wall decor and acorns

Have you started decorating for Fall yet? No worries if you haven't!
Today I'm joining a talented group of bloggers to bring you tons of Fall decor ideas in this, our Fall home tour week.

For those of you coming from Life Love Larson, welcome! I'm over the moon to have you en mi casa. :)  Get yourself comfortable and let me show you how I bring little bits of the new season into my home.

I'm right now doing some renovating work in my kitchen. Needles to say, the entire main area of our home is in complete chaos. So, I decided to put order to our second level area, the bedrooms, and bring some small touches of Fall to these spaces. Ahh, best decision ever! It feels so good to have a nice space to relax and unwind after a long day of work.

white built-ins with lanterns, brown books and fall branches.
Built-ins  |  Stool  |  Throw blanket - similar
Let's start this tour in my bedroom where the built-ins got a good dose of Fall. I love neutral spaces, but for Fall I always like to bring those little pops of orange, yellow and red.

A collection of lanterns bring some texture with the pretty designs they sport, seasonal branches and of course books complete the display.

Fall decor in bedroom with tall headboard, built-ins and white decor
Leaves garland  |  Headboard  |  Blanket  |  Feathers Pillow
I brought warm blankets to all the rooms, the nights are getting chilly and those are perfect before bringing in the big winter sets.

fall decor from Target
Target dollar pumpkins
I guess this is the item of the season, these little dollar pumpkins from Target are so cute! And only one dollar, that's so right!

warm blanket and white bedding with colorful feather pillow cover

arrows and black and white prints with a navy blue background wall

My daughter wants to change the decor in her room. She hasn't let me touch that blue wall in years, but as I was decorating her room this time, she told me it was time for the navy blue to go. Ha, I couldn't believe it!

Fall decor in black and white for the bedroom
Triangle Pillow Case  |  Black pillow sham  |  

She is gravitating towards a boho style right now. She wants simple lines and muted colors.
The makeover cannot be done until next year, who knows if by that time she hasn't changed her mind. We'll see.

teen girl room with arrows and boho style accents
Arrows  |  Dresser  |  Headboard
I tried to bring some boho elements to the decor right now. Arrows, black and white, graphic elements... She's loving it, so, I might be bringing more of those details while the big makeover takes place.

arrows and orange roses with navy blue wall background

Fall decor in the bedroom


The starting point for the decor in my son's room was the deer head art, a DIY project done with wood pieces from the scrap pile.

deer head wall art, grey bed and fall accents in this teen boy room
Brick Wallpaper  |  Sweater pumpkin  |  Wall art
He said he likes this piece better than the arrows he had in the same spot before. Ha, I didn't know he wasn't a fan of arrows. :/

black books and white sweater pumpkins on the bed headboard

Deer head wall art grey bedding and orange and red accents on built-ins
Built-ins  |  Bed  |  Metal Baskets
One of the latest projects done in this room was adding a hidden laundry hamper in that lower cabinet on the right hand side. The finishing details never end.

industrial decor in teen boy room - desk with headphones and old clock

industrial teen boy room with built-ins around the bed, grey and white pallet and fall touches
Light  |  Letter M wall decor  |  Rug
I added some animal decor to this industrial boy room. The deer head on the wall and also the deer sheet set, plus the cow book holders and a white horse pencil holder cup give the room that rustic element.

chalkboard in desk area in teen room

The desk area was organized just before school started and it's right here where you can find him on any given afternoon, doing homework.

number 2 pencils in cup

fall home tour with bedroom decor

Well, I think that's it for now, I hope you've gotten some ideas for your own Fall decor. I now gotta go finish work downstairs before the holidays arrive. Time seems to fly during this time of year.

However, the fall inspiration continues over at Alicia's Thrifty and Chic, the master of neutral decor. You're gonna love her home!

Here is the entire line up:





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  1. Love love love your tour. You have such a beautiful cozy mix. Your daughter's room is making my black and white loving heart do cartwheels. And my daughter wants blue walls like that in the worst way.

    1. Aww Julia, thanks so much! I thought of you when decorating that room. You're the Pro in that department, and I'm so glad to hear you like it. I love the navy blue walls, but it's time for them to go. Sending them your way. :D

  2. You always rock every season, Cristina. Your home looks great for fall.

  3. Love all of your bedrooms, so pretty. The black and white in your daughters room is stunning and of course I think your sons room with all those fabulous built-ins is totally amazing. Thanks so much for joining the tour, tons of ideas to inspire here.

    1. Marty, You're the best! Thanks for being such a cheerful and committed leader. The tours are always a special event because of you. Thanks!

  4. Love seeing your upper floor. All of the touches for Fall are simply perfect. You are one of the few people who I'd turn loose in my bedrooms to decorate as you please. Yes. You are just that good. Wishing you a happy Fall. XO Susie from The Chelsea Project

  5. Cristina this is a completely amazing tour! I adore how you decorated the bookshelves and the deer head painting is just fantastic!

  6. Love seeing your upstairs living spaces. The bedrooms are all so perfect and cozy for fall. They make me want to curl up and read a book. Thank you for sharing your lovely home.

  7. Christina, I am such a fan of your home and style. I love seeing all the beautiful details of each room!

  8. Every room is perfect and I love all your DIY projects!

  9. Gorgeous Fall home!! Love all of the color, textures and how I just want to stay awhile!! Look forward to seeing more!!

  10. Christina! I loved seeing all your bedrooms. And your DIY projects always amaze me. Can't wait to see how you finish downstairs! :)

  11. All the bedrooms in your home are just utterly perfect Cristina! I love how you flipped the books on the shelves in your bedroom, and your right about the colors popping in there! Your daughters tastes I'm really digging as well, she is becoming her own stylish self, just like her momma! As always, so honored to share this home tour with you dear!Cheers!

  12. You have such a great style Cristina! Happy fall!

  13. cristina- perfection, regardless of the season.

  14. I love all of your fall touches in the bedrooms! Those are one area that I never think to decorate. Love the sweater pumpkin in your son's room. I grabbed a bunch of those Target pumpkins too!

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