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Living Room Before and After

Spring decor in the living room

Last week during the Spring Home Tour I gave you the final shots of this, the newly renovated living room.

I didn't want to make you wait one more week, it was already a long wait since that day in September, remember?  When I used some of the ugliest graphics to show you my plans for this room! :D 
You can check that post right here.

Today I'm doing something that I love: before and afters. 

Really, who doesn't love before and afters! It's good to see the changes done to a room just by scrolling down the page. ;)

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living room makeover

Let's start here, the before of the room when standing at the main entrance door. Don't pay attention to the stairs, that's going to be my next project. I hate those newel posts.

Right there was the main problem: The big wall where most of the art pieces were simply lost.
living room spring decor

The solution: A board and batten treatment.

Before and after of Living room

The sunburst mirror is perhaps, the same size as the other round sign that was there before. 

However, it doesn't look that small because the subtle lines of the trim fill that big empty space.
And I don't think it looks busy.

The second problem in this room, looking at this before picture, was the boring doorway. 

Those arrows were pointing at the missing crown molding, door trim, and tiny baseboards.

door trim - Living room makeover
Office - Dining Room Makeover |

The solution: Trim, trim, and more trim! 

Starting at the door, then the crown, and finally bigger baseboards.

The other side of the room also sported a sad view.
Blue and white spring home decor

Well, not anymore! 

I also trimmed the windows and that passageway/door by the staircase.

On this side of the room, the biggest change came by getting rid of that chunky chair...

Spring Home decor - black bookcase
Bookcase  |  Baskets  |  Bicycle Pillow Case  |  Lamp - similar |

In its place, I brought this bookcase. I still need to bring a bigger piece of art to that small wall.

Spring home decor - window trim
Curtains  | Prints  | Rug |

The coffee table and the area rug were the other items that needed an update.

blue rug and wooden coffee table
| TerrariumsRug |

White and blue living room decor for Spring

Besides the need for updating the staircase and the art above the bookcase, I still need to add the quarter round all around both rooms, the living and dining rooms.

The mirror by the stairs is something else that I don't like, but that's going to be addressed when working on the foyer someday.

One more element that I believe this room needs is an overhead lighting fixture. I'm not sure at this point what kind of lighting fixture, but I'm definitely bringing one, the problem again, is when that might happen. :D

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Spring home decor - sunburst mirror

Well, there you have it. One more room that's mainly done and that I can check off my to-do list. :)

I might do a similar post about the contiguous room, the now Home Office. You can check the reveal of that room during the holidays right HERE.

Check all the DIY projects completed in this room:

How to install board and batten - Dimensions

Living room makeover - trim on window

Living room makeover - trim

living room makeover

Painted bookcase makeover

*This post contains affiliate links for your convenience*

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. Looks great from every angle! You really have some good ideas and know how to implement them. Enjoy your beautiful new spaces.
    Sue P.

    1. Thanks so much, Sue! You're such a sweet heart! I always appreciate your encoraugement. <3

  2. Oh my word, you add such fabulous architectural interest to a room with your talent. This looks amazing.

    1. Oh Marty, Thanks! Your words are music to my ears. I'm so glad you like it!

  3. Wow! What an incredible transformation. I love it! May I ask what color white you used in your living room? I am soon going to paint our living room white and am curious what you used. Keep up the good work. You are inspiring.

    1. Thanks Holly! I'm loving white paint these days, everything seems to pop against a white canvas.
      For the B&B wall I used Behr Swiss Coffee semi-gloss and satin finish. I always use Semi-gloss finish for the trim. So, the semi-gloss finish was used for the wood, the grid, crown, and baseboards. I used the same color, Swiss Coffee, but different finish for the wall in between grids: satin. The other walls were painted Behr-White - flat finish.
      Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. :)

  4. LOVE everything! Girl, you have got to do your will love it when it is done. Tape and tarp a little "tunnel" around them so you don't get dust and mess everywhere but it is doable! I envy that you have TWO sides to do!!!! BTW, my daughter was in you neighborhood this week. Spent spring break seeing DC! Loved it!

    1. haha yeah, those stairs were calling me but I didn't have the time to tackle them! I've been working in the backyard and gotten some troubles with permits and change of plans. But, those steps would be the very next project. How fun that your daughter got to visit the DC area, there are tons of activities and places to visit there. I need to start planning which places I need to visit this Summer. You should plan a visit too. ;) Thanks for stopping by, Beck!

  5. Your home should be featured in a before and after magazine Cristina! just WOW!

  6. Cristina all that beautiful trim makes my heart go pitter patter! You are officially a carpenter with your mad skills. Just beautiful.

  7. Cristina, You did a wonderful job on that room. You gave it some real WOW factor with the board/batten look on the wall and the pumped up trim. It looks really fantastic now--even though it was pretty even before you touched it...lovely! xo Diana

  8. the detail is amazing! Completely changes the look of your space!

  9. I absolutely love all the trim work. the board and batten is to die for and definitely makes the room feel like a million bucks. I also like the subtle hints of patterns and colors in the room.

  10. You are amazing! Your new living room is just gorgeous!

  11. Your home is gorgeous Cristina. I love the trim you added to the wall. I can't wait to see what you do with the stairs.

  12. This is absolutely gorgeous. I am forever in awe of the things you do! As a side note, I have a staircase just like that and it is ON. THE. LIST. Just as soon as I ever finish this darned kitchen.

  13. Cristina,
    All of the trim makes a dramatic difference, but the most eye-catching trim to me is the woodwork inside the large opening between the rooms. Your color scheme of blue and white pulls everything together. Super job!


  14. It must be an absolute joy to sit in that room it is beautiful!

  15. Love that wall! It looks great. The whole room looks so light and airy!

  16. Simply stunning! I love how balanced everything looks now! You must sigh such happy sighs every time you enter these spaces!

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