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Cozy Fall Bedroom Decor

navy blue walls, picture frame headboard, plaid throw blanket, fall decor
Picture Frame Headboard  |  Dresser  |  Leaf Garland |
Fall is almost here, this might be the perfect time to start transitioning from the light and airy Summer decor and accessories to a more cozy and inviting design, specially in the bedrooms!

Last weekend I made the transition on our three bedrooms, a cozy blanket was brought in to each of the rooms, I'm still keeping the heavy comforters in the closet. Pillow covers were changed and a few Fall decor touches were added.

Well, let's start over at my daughter's room, hopefully you can draw an idea or two to put in practice in your own bedroom!

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old clock, little wheelbarrow decorate for Fall, Aluminium vase with Fall branches decor

My daughter Sam's a busy young lady that's already attending college and doing lots of volunteer work. I tried my best to keep her room clutter free, and moved some of her stuff around. I kind of surprised her because somehow, organizing her room is unsurprisingly at the very end of her to do list. ;)
Navy blue and earthy Fall tones, leaf garland, boots,
Teen Girl Room  |  Wooden Cornice  |  Pendant Lights  |  Area Rug |
After more than three years with it, she's still loving the navy blue wall, and I was glad to see how well it goes with those yummy earthy Fall colors.
My advice, if you happen to have a room painted a strong color is to keep it either, monochromatic or contrasting, but only using two bold colors if you go for the latter choice.
round side table with pendant white light, rattan baskets under bench
Window Bench  |  Side Table  |  Mirror-similar |
The window bench doesn't get as much use as before, well, except as a storage space - on top and underneath.
white pumpkins, french bust to hold jewelry, white side table
Sweater Pumpkins |
One of my latest projects, the biggest of the sweater pumpkins was brought here. I think they're the perfect Fall decor for a bedroom.

Yes, nothing says Fall as pumpkins and leaves, bring them in, they can be whatever material or color you want to use.
DIY Arrow wall art - Industrial teen bedroom, plaid, brown, chalkboard, wire baskets, build-ins around bed, upholstered bed
Teen Boy Room  |  Bed  |  Letter M wall art  |  Brick Wall Paper  |  Ceiling Light |
Now, let's say hello to Matt. He's still enjoying his room. I made some simple changes to the décor, like the arrows above the headboard. A fairly easy DIY project I completed last week.

Wooden and rustic accessories are another option to bring Fall into your rooms.
Target Feathers placemat as pillow cover - Teen boy room - plaid sheet set
Feather "pillow"  |  Plaid sheet set -similar  |  Bicycle -similar |
The plaid pillow was another project done last year, though I didn't post about it. The feather pillow is in fact a placemat that I  turned into a pillow. I fell in love with those feathers, and their colors and hey, that was cheap!
Chalkboard, desk, vintage, boy room, black globe, wire baskets, pumpkins
Wire Baskets  |  Globe  |  Wall sconce |
I brought that old chalkboard to the desk area. That's a part of the room that still needs some tweaking, but for now it works kind of nicely. The other stash of sweater pumpkins was placed inside the wire baskets, and the old stuff was re-arranged.
Fall decor in teen bedroom, arrow wall art - Rocket League sign, wire baskets
Build-ins  |  Floor  |  Picture frame lights |
boy in bed, bedroom, books, chalkboard, plaid sheet set, rocket league, arrow wall art, bicycle art, desk

Target plaid and herringbone little pumpkins set. old owl decor
Little Pumpkins  |
Mr. Owl fits so well in here, and I'm totally in love with those little pumpkins I found over at Target, they are so cute! They come four plaid and four herringbone designs on each set for only six bucks.
small closet makeover with lots of storage space, sliding door, vintage door, little stool, plywood floors
Closet makeover |
On the other side of the room... His closet, pretty much the same.
build-ins with fireplace, wingback chair, cozy bed,
Build-ins  |  Sweater Knit Blankets  |  Throw blanket |
The weather has been changing, the nights are cool and the mornings are crisp. A pair of knit blankets are the perfect solution for a cozy bed in the master bedroom.

This is the moment to unpack those cozy blankets and pillow covers.
crackle finished leaves for wreath - Fall - White decor
Leaf Wreath  |
Above the mantel, one of my first Fall projects this year, a leaf wreath, so delicate.
plaid pillows, build-ins, upholstered stool, screen headboard, white on white bedroom decor
Headboard  |  Fireplace  |  Upholstered Stool |
The wing back chair still sporting all those flowers that I try to keep at bay by covering them with a blanket. Some day I will reupholster it! :/
Sweater Knit blankets on bed, throw blanket, knit covered stool, pumpkin, white bedroom

Well my friends, it's all about bringing coziness to our bedrooms, I hope you got inspired to bring a little bit of Fall into your own bedroom. Thanks for stopping by!

But hey, I have lots more Fall inspiration from my blogging friends. Check Kim's home from Savvy Southern Style, who has sure inspired me A LOT!  Head on over to her blog to see her take on Fall decor. And make sure to check out the rest of the tours this week too:

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  1. Just lovely... ALL of it, especially your bedroom.
    You certainly have inspired me. With all my work at my shop and keeping it stocked, my house has been neglected and needs a lot of rooms done.

    1. Thanks so much Julie! That's what usually happens, we put all our efforts on something and the rest gets neglected. Though, I have to tell you, your priorities were right were they needed to be. I'm so glad to see things going so well for your shop!

  2. Your bedrooms are gorgeous! I love your boy's room so cool!

    1. Thanks Susan! Lately, that's been my favorite room. I guess that happens each time you finish work in a room. We'll see. :D

  3. I love everything! You are so talented!!! Happy Fall :)

  4. All the bedrooms look amazing! With two boys of my own, I am especially drawn to your son's room. You have so many wonderful ideas and I am sure he is just loving his space!

    1. Thanks Shelley! Yes, he is. Updating our kids rooms is imo a work of love and a wonderful opportunity to work alongside our kids.

  5. That blue wall is absolutely stunning, Cristina! I truly believe you are the most crafty and frugal blogger I know. And you have amazing creativity in everything you do. (By the way, your son is a handsome young man!) Everything is perfection, and I still think you need your own HGTV show...

    1. Hehe Thanks Brenda! Yeah, I know, I'm a very cheap gal and I think that's what helps with the creativity department. :)

  6. All three bedrooms are gorgeous. I love how each one is personalized so beautifully. Stunning.

  7. Cristina,
    What a talented lady you are. This is magazine perfection.
    Such a treat to have you open up your lovely home all decorated perfectly for Fall and gracious living too!

  8. You have such a talent. I may need to pick your brain for my little guy who is ready for a refresh since his room is still sporting some of his nursey decor. Gorgeous as always

  9. Your home is many wonderful ideas...I am loving the leaf garland in the first photo!

  10. Oh my goodness! All of the bedrooms in your home are gorgeous! Loved your tour! Thank you.

  11. love your rooms! and the wreath in your room is so pretty!!

  12. You've done a wonderful job on your bedrooms! I wanted to read the descriptions and click on the links, underneath the photos, but an ad would immediately pop up and cover it.

  13. Beautiful Cristina, as always. Love that blue in your daughter's room, so pretty.

  14. Do your children know how lucky they are to live in such a beautiful home? :) I would have given anything to have a room as lovely as either of your children's rooms, growing up!

  15. I just love it, Cristina. It's impressive that you got such a sweet model. His closet is amazing. I love the blue wall in your daughter's room. Great tour.

  16. Cristina, I so love your style and how you execute all your projects. Your family is lucky! Your son's really is my favorite right now, with all that you've done (those arrows are awesome!). Enjoy the season.

  17. I purchased three of those little burlap type pumpkins at Target too. Soooo cute!

  18. Cristina, So gorgeous. Your son's room is beyond stylish and your bedroom is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your Fall tour!

  19. Your home looks so pretty, and I love that leaf lovely!

  20. cristina, your kids' spaces are awesome! i hadn't seen your daughter's room and i love it- that blue is fab!

  21. Beautiful! The wreath leaf is so pretty.

  22. Love your children's rooms!!! I remember pinning your son's room when I was trying to get ideas to re-do our oldest son's room. I just love it... it's so cool :) and finished-looking (sometimes hard for a kid's room to achieve! LOL). ~julie

  23. Your rooms are so pretty!! Love the wreath in your room.

  24. Christina, your home is so beautifully styled♥ I am loving all the details!

  25. Christina,
    All of the bedrooms have distinctive personalities that I love. Each one has something that speaks to me. As much as I love all your wonderful decor and Fall inspiration, the photo I love best is in your son's room. As a retired high school math teacher, I am impressed with the graph drawn on the chalkboard. :) LOVE MATH!!!!


  26. What festive and cozy bedrooms-love the chippy closet door!

  27. I have to check into your boy's bedroom more. Love that look and love the built-ins. Great tour :)

  28. Gosh Cristina! Your home is well done yet very approachable and cozy! My sons would love to have a space as awesome as your son's room!

  29. Absolutely stunning! I saw so many beautiful details, your home is just wonderful Cristina!

  30. Love your feather pillow. IO have made pillows from placemats, just did a pumpkin one. Also did you create your leaf wreath> I bet you could with chalk paint...Lovely home

  31. Love that blue wall! The fall touches are just perfect! So glad we could do this hop together.

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