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I Gained a Bedroom!

diy Sunburst mirror, basement bedroom, navy blue headboard, white walls

You have to forgive me because, I've already said it like a hundred times. I had visitors this Summer. And well, here I go again...

A couple of months before their arrival, my sister and her family asked us to please help them find a good deal on a hotel close to us for them to stay there. Her reasoning was that they were too many (a party of four), and they didn't want to bother us.

I  did search for hotels around our home, it felt weird. Have you ever searched for hotels right around your home? I think it's a good idea to have a little list for where to send those pesky visitors for the night. :D

But, here's the thing, they aren't any pesky visitors. I wanted my sister and her family to stay with us! She was going to save lots of money, because even the cheapest hotel around the area would be expensive after staying there for a few days. But, most importantly,  I wanted to spend time with her and her family, I wanted my kids to interact with their cousins, play games, stay late at night talking or watching a movie. In general, just doing all those things we haven't done in years of living apart!

painted designs on the floor, round mirror, daybed out of spring box, wine crates wall storage

So, I had to arrange things within my own home. We have four bedrooms, the master bedroom, one for my daughter, one for my son, and the one pictured above which is the guest room and they all were not going to fit in here.

I needed at least one more bedroom...

silver insulation in basement, disorganized basement

And the only space I could tap on was this, my unfinished basement. The space where I dump everything I'm not using.

Most of the items you see in the picture above, are the things to bring to the flea market.
The problem was, how to transform this space into a nice bedroom retreat for them?

unfinished wall with exposed 2 x 4s, mattress standing up, stuff hung on 2x4s, baskets, mirror

The big word for this project was: Organization.

Yep. This basement needed a big clean up. The first task was to remove everything and find a new space for it within the same basement.

My son's previous bed, before his latest room makeover, was still here in the basement and that's the most important item for the new bedroom.

wooden boxes and fabric panels on 2 x 4 wall in basement

Instead of hanging lots of random stuff on those 2 x 4's, this "wall" now holds some art pieces and little storage boxes.

Brown paper was used to cover the open space below the stairs.

After cleaning the space, bringing the bed and adding some decorative touches, this is how that same space looks now.
How to create an inexpensive bedroom in an unfinished basement

This is the before of that corner.  That table was sold during our last flea market sale. All those frames and the little table were stored nicely on the other side of the basement.
no money spend unfinished basement bedroom - table, silver insulation, lots of stuff

And here is the after of that same corner. :)

blue and white bedroom with wooden tones.

One of the things I hated the most was the shiny insulation walls, something I couldn't remove, but sure enough I could hide. ;)

Fabric and nails or screws are the main materials you need to disguise those walls.

I used four dark blue curtain panels and two white, king flat sheets to enclose the bedroom and make it look a bit better.
There's a little window at the top of the bed that I had to cover with a piece of black out fabric before stapling the old flat sheet all along the joist.

The curtain panels were hung from nails/screws driven from the same joists. The electric panel is right there under that curtain in the corner, it can be accessed at any time.

basement bedroom, southwestern bench, diy round mirror, fabric walls

Many of the things I've created over the years came in handy as decor pieces... The bench, the mirror, the shades... Everything hangs from the joists in the ceiling.

board games, pillows, guitar in basement floor.

My son gave me the option to use HIS room as the master for our guests or which ever way I wanted. So, the final arrangement was set to have my sister and her husband use my son's room. My niece stayed at our regular guest room, and the two boys shared this new bedroom created in the basement.
Let me tell you, the two of them were very happy to have this space as their headquarters! Another inflatable single bed was set up right close to the main bed.

There's also a computer station on the other side of the basement, that's my son's regular spot. So, they had a big space with lots of entertainment at their fingertips and hey, no adults bothering!

how to set up a bedroom in an unfinished bedroom

Here again, another view of the same "before" space.

white, blue and wooden tone bedroom with sunburst mirror focal point.

And the after.
I also had the headboard, it was an old DIY project for my own master bedroom, here I covered it with one of the curtain panels. The big sunburst mirror was the main focus in this room.

blue and white bedroom in basement

So, if you have an unfinished basement and you want to get a room out of it, here I compiled a list of
10 tips to have in mind when setting a bedroom in a unfinished basement, without breaking the bank!

  1. Warm up/cover those walls - fabric or paper are great economical materials to use.
  2. Give the room an enclosed feel, after all, it's going to be a bedroom you need privacy!
  3. Bring a cohesive color palette, I stayed with blue and white, the same basement gave me the wooden tone.
  4. Carpet is essential. I was lucky to have this carpet already in place. When the main floor got hardwood floors, the carpet went directly to the basement.
  5. Cover the plain bulb in the ceiling. Give it a shade.
  6. You don't want nails or screws on the concrete foundation/walls. Add nails or screws to the joists so, everything can hang from them.
  7. Make the bed the main focal point.
  8. You covered those ugly walls, but hey, they still need pieces of art on them.
  9. If your basement is dark, give it plenty of lighting options.
  10. Treat the new room as any other room in your house, giving it all the necessary things for the person staying in there to feel right at home!

All those ideas will help you create a nice room until you have the money and time to finish the entire space!

Take a look at the other side of this unfinished basement that got a dramatic makeover: Right HERE.

Have you ever done this? Any other tips or ideas you can pitch in? Share those in the comments below. Thanks!

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  1. I love how you created this bedroom! So smart.

    We don't have basements here in Texas and it would sure be nice. We have friends in New York who have an unfinished basement but they put fun stuff down there and nobody ever even notices that it's just a shell. Such a great space.

    Thanks for sharing this at Thoughts of Home. :)

  2. That is so brilliant. Great job!!

  3. You are a genius! This space is great!

  4. No basements in Florida but you seriously transformed the space! Lots of great ideas here! Love how you repurposed stuff you already had too!

  5. You're so clever! If you mentioned this, I didn't see. Is it air-conditioned?

  6. Love that your boy was willing to give up his room ....shows his heart is in the right place!! You created "beauty out of chaos" in that it! ♥

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