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20 Home Organizing Ideas You Don't Want to Miss!

Bedroom organization with storage in between the studs - closet

I think we all want to have an organized house. For some, this task is easily achieved, for others, not so much. Maintaining an organized space is not easy...  Papers quickly accumulate on top of a table or the kitchen island, somehow clothes seemed to have a life in itself and they walk all around the house... The garage becomes a big jumbled mess with no space for the car...

Even though my home is far from being a spotless space, I've tried throughout the years to maintain a balance, let's say, some days I do something as simple as sorting the mail, while others, I clean and organize an entire room.

Whichever way you want to stay on top of the situation, I've found out that having clever storage and organizing solutions is an easy way to keep clutter at bay.

The following are 20 tried-and-true projects I've created to keep my home organized. Let's start with one of the latest projects done in the garage...

So, which project do you want to start working on?!

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  1. These are all great ideas. I am loving the floating shelves and the jars. Pinning

  2. I love all of these but especially the timber floating shelves they look really beautiful :)

  3. Que grandes ideas de organización , me gusta mucho como tienes ordenadas tus herramientas , así da gusto trabajar y tener todo ordenado

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