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DIY - Geometric Wall Art

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Some projects are done in the blink of an eye, while others take forever...

Well, this project, shamefully, it's one of the latter ones. My sister-in-law asked me like two years ago to help her with two wall art projects when she started updating her basement.
A year ago I built the frame and had the ¼" plywood top ready for one of those two projects but, there it sat in the garage waiting for more instructions on how to finish it...

Until last week when she came and together we finally tackled it - Talk about the power of face-to-face meetings! ;)

As I said, I created a wooden frame out of 1 x 2's (above pic), and top it off with a ¼" plywood.

After sanding, priming, and painting it white, the "canvas" was ready for some color.

Having in mind a more modern style and after checking some online ideas, my SIL decided to go for an easy geometric pattern.

This whole idea came from the ART project right HERE, where they didn't even use a frame and the orange color they used was one of the things my customer loved but decided to go against it for a more neutral palette.

Paint samples were used --> Behr Lemon Balm, Mojito, Stone Walls, Mined Coal, and  Ralph Lauren Vulcanite.

A wooden frame was given to the canvas to give it more definition. The corners were mitered and the entire frame was painted in the darkest color.

And here is how it looks in its place.

This is how that corner of her basement looked during Christmas.

And now.

I'm so glad to cross this off my to-do list. One more to go and I better move fast, I don't want another full year passing by!

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  1. This turned out great and looks so much better then the other picture frames. Great idea, Cristina

  2. Your art looks amazing, I love the colours you chose :)

  3. Qué bonito cuadro , me encanta el colorido y la forma geométrica

  4. I love this kind of art, I could actually do it! :) Great Job!

  5. Super cute cuadro!!! Beautiful colores and they work perfectly with the seating.

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