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Up-cycled Southwestern Bench

Hi Friends!

As many of you know, I've been spending a good amount of time in the garage trying to bring organization and function to this space.

Well, it's taking forever because every time I move something, an idea pops in my head and then, I begin working on whatever that idea is. Today's project is the perfect example of it.

First, let me tell you a little story...
Five years ago I was looking for a dresser for my daughter's room (time does flies!)... After a long search, I finally decided to go an get this one (picture below). Well built, plenty of storage and a good price $50. BUT...

I didn't like the legs and the scalloped top - too bulky for the room.

So, the dresser with the "Runny Legs" as my daughter named it, got a makeover.  You can read everything about it right HERE.

This is how the dresser looks in her room nowadays.

As for the Runny Legs, Mr. RLC made sure to store them out of the way - Oh my, WAY out!
Bringing that thing down to the floor when I was ready to install the pegboard was scary! :/

Anyways, I've been tossing this frame around, not knowing where to put it. And no, I didn't want to bring it up there again, otherwise other five years are going to fly by.

So, after a good look at it, the idea of the bench arrived.

In order to bring its height up, since the frame's only 10" from the floor, I created another frame out of plywood. It was attached to the legs with pocket holes.

After a good sanding, it was ready for paint. However, as you can see on the right picture above, the frame was a bit on the smallish side.

As a way to cover that mistake, and to make a better transition between both frames. I grabbed the only molding I had in my stash: Half round ½"

Ahhh, looking better! :) Ready for caulking and paint.

My first plan was to buy 6" high density foam to use for the bench top. Wowzers! I didn't remember how expensive that stuff is.  The one yard I needed - 5" foam would've cost around $50 - coupons included at Jo-Ann fabrics.
As you can see, I didn't take that route. Instead, I went to my basement and dusted two 3" pieces I had in there since who knows when. Put them together with spray adhesive and onto the top board.

The top treatment was the only thing I bought for this makeover - A 3 x 5 Printed Rug I found at Five Below.
The upholstered step was really easy - Rug - two good layers of batting, the 3" high density foam, and finally the board on top. Bringing the rug tightly to the top board to staple it in place.

Lastly, the top was secured to the base, and trim was added to cover the gap.

I LOVE the Southwestern design on this rug. It feels like drop cloth material but three times thicker. I also had that trim in my stash, I think I bought it like two years ago at T.J. Maxx.

Home-made chalk paint was used, giving it a light distressing.

As much as I like this bench, I have to bring it with me to the next flea market sale, I don't have space for it in my home.

But hey, I'm so glad I finally put those legs to good use!
Now I need to go and finish cleaning that garage, let's see what other idea pops up. :)

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  1. You did a great job on that, Cristina, and had very creative ideas!

  2. SUPER cute idea...I have a stash of legs and bases and I find myself doing the same thing when I really need to be doing "grunt work." Being creative is soooo much more fun! BTW, foam is super expensive. One thing I do is buy foam mattress toppers and use them. Much less expensive than buying craft foam! My stash of foam is depleted so I watch for them on sale, on Overstock, at garage sales, etc. I use the scraps (and old towels) to make foam applicators for stains and oils. I buy that "Christmas tree batting" during the after Christmas clearance (usually around $1 a roll) and use that as well. Upholstery projects can be super costly if you don't find cheaper ways to do it!

  3. What a great use of that old base! You really put your DIY skills and creativity to work! XO

  4. Nothing truly gets wasted in your projects Cristina!!! Fabulous!

  5. I so wish that I could get my hands on a piece that cute! The southwestern design is so fun! My city is getting a Five Below and at first I wasn't really excited, but now I'm kind of looking forward to what goodies they might have!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  6. I love how you used those 'runny' legs to create this beautiful bench! It turned out gorgeous! Well done! If you feel like joining in one more link party Making Broken Beautiful furniture party is happening right now over at the Curator's Collection. It runs every Thursday thru Sunday. You do lovely work and I'd be happy to host your talents! I hope you will come and inspire!
    Have a wonderful day!
    The Curator's Collection & Making Broken Beautiful

  7. Whaaaaat, did you just say five below rug? Let me grab my purse I will be right back, lol! The bench came out fabulous! I love that you were able to re-purpose the bottom part of the dresser. That $50 sure went a long way!

  8. Whaaaaat, did you just say five below rug? Let me grab my purse I will be right back, lol! The bench came out fabulous! I love that you were able to re-purpose the bottom part of the dresser. That $50 sure went a long way!

  9. Qué bueno como aprovechaste esas patas para hacer ese taburete ,, me encanta el tapiz ta alegre que le pusiste

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