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Rustic, Comfortable Furnishings - Arhaus

Hi friends,

I hope you've had a good weekend! Mine was great, it flew by faster than usual, maybe because it was centered around activities with my kids.

On Saturday, I went shopping with my daughter. She is now trying to get some internships and needs formal clothing. So, here goes mom to the rescue, guiding her with the selections. ;)

However, after going from store to store for the seventh time,
I began getting tired of the usual...

Oh no, this is too big for you...
No, no, too serious for your age...
Oh my, it looks like a potato sack on you... (It's hard to find lots of stuff for her 00 size)
Ha, that green looks awesome on you...
Let me run and get a smaller size...

I steered her away from the clothing to visit this store, Arhaus. I always like to stop by. I hardly ever buy anything from them, their prices are flat out of my budget, but a girl can dream, or as I say, get inspired! :)

This time I took pictures, and I hope you too find inspiration from their rustic, vintage but so comfortable and oversize pieces. Yeah, it looks to me like everything in here is HUGE, though, everything is custom sizable to your home.

As they say... "Handcrafted home furnishings reflective of a distinct global point-of-view."

Old window frames as wall art. You know I love that! Not long ago I took my old window gallery off the wall. ;)

Armillary Spheres always make me stop and admire them.

The brick wall, the wreaths, the lighting fixtures, the nesting tables...

But, my eyes were glued on this media wall unit.

Love the big columns and the contrast of the white furniture against the dark wall.

This wreath is stunning, I think is on sale right now, but at over one hundred buckaroos, no, not for me.

The sectional with the wall of display cabinets on the back... Gorgeous!

I keep on looking and learning from their displays, so neat.

All around, neutral decor...

Accentuated with vintage pieces.

And one of a kind items from around the globe.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed the little tour, I did.
After the little break we run by five more clothing stores and yes, she did find almost everything she needed, except shoes!
Ha, that's going to be our next outing. ;)

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  1. What a neat and interesting place to shop!

  2. Thank you for sharing these displays I enjoy getting new ideas.

  3. I enjoy going to Arhaus all the time too!

  4. Que tienda con objetos más entretenidos , qué ganas de estar ahí para perderme comprando ,,

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