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National Museum of Civil War Medicine -Visit

Wunder Mercantile Banjo Co. in museum in Frederick MD

Outside the building big sign.

Last week I shared some pictures taken while walking around downtown Frederick, MD, and until we reached our destination: The National Museum of Civil War Medicine.

This post today, it's all about the museum and what caught my eye.

a medicine museum in downtown Frederick, MD.

First, the building, one of those old buildings with great doors, old hardwood floors throughout, and lots of history by itself.

Wunder Mercantile Banjo Co. in museum in Frederick MD

Once you pass the main door, the gift shop greets you. It was full of nice stuff and memorabilia, but I kept looking at the art they have on the walls. I love this Wunder Mercantile & Banjo Poster. I did a Google search but couldn't find much about the Banjo Company but a recent fictitious registration in Missouri.

A framed piece of wood is used for a sign of the US sanitary commission

A U.S. Sanitary Commission sign. - Love the framed wooden board.

Third Irish regiment poster black and white

The fonts and the design were my faves while looking at this Third Irish Regiment poster. It gives me good ideas for catchy fonts for Pinterest pics. ;)

A quilt -red blue and white to honor the national museum of civil war medicine

The tour begins on the second floor, where this beautiful quilt is displayed.

Cristina Garay and kids visiting a museum in Frederick MD

Here, I'm with my kids, reading, learning, and enjoying some of the hands-on activities the museum provides.

Did you know? facts in the museum

The full-size dioramas and photographs make you feel like part of what's going on right there.

a diorama in the National Museum of Civil War Medicine

Army - painting in the National Museum of Civil War Medicine

A carriage diorama in the museum of medicine

The museum guides you through 150 years of medical history with an emphasis on the Civil War era, highlighting the challenges doctors and patients/soldiers had to face.

Amid all the information, history, and artifacts showcased in the museum, somehow I preferred to focus on the medicines and the cute ways they were presented at the time.

old red medicine box Ward's red hot wonder, chicago, ill.

A Ward's Red Hot Wonder Salve -medicine box - "Recommended highly for rheumatism, sprains, stiff joints, erysipelas, chapped hands and lips, chafin, dandruff, ulcers, eczema, piles, catarrh, sore throat, scalds, burns, itch, ivy poisoning, etc." Wow, it almost fixes all!

old glass bottle medicine - blackberry balsam

Compound BlackBerry Balsam.

Green box of ki-moids tablets Scott & Bowne, Bloomfield. N.J.

Ki-Moids Tablets.

Frederick, MD - McEvoy Hospital Knapsack made by John McEvoy, New York, 1862

Every time I saw a case or box, I wanted to know and see its contents. This McEvoy Hospital Knapsack was on one of the diorama displays.

a mahogany chest with 48 medical containers to treat disease during the civil war

A Hospital Drug Chest -A mahogany chest that contains 48 medical containers made from both glass and porcelain. Each bottle contains a different prepared compound or mixture used to treat disease during the Civil War.

The autenrieth wagon, a surgical wagon full of medicines used during the civil war.

However, this was by far my favorite piece. The Autenrieth Wagon. I spent a good amount of time drooling all over this wagon and all its little compartments.

Inside medical compartment of wagon

The Autenrieth medicine wagon was that, a mobile surgical wagon full of medicines. It would also have a surgical bed, on the other side of the wagon.

small medicine bottles inside little wooden compartments on autenrieth wagon

All those little medicine bottles are just too cute, imo.

Sulphate of quinia, small metal bottle container medicine

Quiniae Sulphatis - Each containing three grains of Sulphate of Quinia-

balance and small bottled medicines in autenrieth wagon

And look at all those little compartments.

Rhei. Pulv. - 1863

A hospital-setting diorama was another of my favorites.

The medicine cabinet is gorgeous.

museum of medicine cabinet.

And the look outside the window too. :)

I leave you with this picture you can find in almost any blog nowadays: A white ironstone pitcher and bowl atop a little table.
white ironstone pitcher and bowl in hospital setting

For tons more about this museum, you can check their website NMCWM right HERE for more information or if you want to visit.

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  1. This is exactly up my alley, as a history major (& the Civil War is my favorite era!)
    I would love to visit this museum one day :)

    xoxo, SS

  2. I love this, and the hospital chest was my favorite. This past summer I toured a couple historic buildings in Alexandria, Va, one of which was the Stabler-Leadbetter Apothecary - so much rich history. Thanks for taking us along, Cristina!

  3. I love anything history. What a great place.

  4. Thank goodness that someone has the foresight to save things for posterity.

  5. Don't you just love wandering through museums like this one! Great photos Cristina!

  6. I really enjoyed this tour! I found you via The Scoop! I didn't realize they would treat others from the other side, that is very touching. The Golden Rule was still in place even during the war... Love the old pharmacy bottles!!!

  7. Thank you so much for coming to our Museum! My staff and I are thrilled that you enjoyed it so much.

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