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Polymer Clay Snowflake Ornament

white snowflakes made of polymer clay with red ribbons

Only one more day to go, people! They say time flies when you're having fun and it's true. It looks like it was just yesterday that we began this series and here we are, finishing things up. Well, still one day left.  ;)

It was lots of fun, but you know what?  it's tiresome! 

Lots of ornaments, pictures taken, edited, and written posts. 

Pfff! By day nine my body was feeling it. That's why an assistant was called.

This, the day 11th Ornament was done by none other than Mrs.RLC, my daughter. Working with clay is one of her passions, and she was glad to give me a helping hand with this project. ;)

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materials to make polymer clay snowflake ornaments

The materials you'll need:


Grab a big slab of clay and roll it flat, she uses a "clay pasta machine" to make it really flat but you can use a rolling pin.  Take one of the biggest cutters and cut out its shape. You can make your own designs by first tracing them on the clay and then cutting them out using the X-Acto knife as she did here.

Using the smaller cutters, cut out the inner designs. She used a straw to make the smallest circles, like the ones for hanging the ornaments.

Once you have a good amount of snowflakes, place them on a baking dish and bake them at 275°F for 15 minutes, but always follow your polymer clay baking directions.

Once cool, you can sand the edges and they're done. You can even paint them to your liking.

white snowflakes made of polymer clay with red ribbons

Since I only asked for snowflakes they were left white, but she made some of her own that she was planning on painting.

white snowflakes made of polymer clay with red ribbons

The design possibilities are endless.

white snowflakes made of polymer clay with red ribbons

You should really give them a try, they're very easy to make.

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  1. Cristina these might just be my favorite of your series so far this year! My daughter loves that clay too (but getting her to actually finish a project is another story ;)). Beautiful cutouts and I love the white just as it is.

  2. Que bonito y fácil !! Me encanta lo delicado de ese adorno

  3. Precioso, me encanta el resultado de los adornos con la arcilla blanca.

  4. Such a talented girl......but we already knew who she got that from! These are simply adorable!

  5. Just beautiful - where do you buy the little shape cutouts?

  6. Can you use snowflake cookie cutters & then cut them out w/ an X-Acto cutter?

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