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How the Breakfast Room has Evolved

I love to look at pictures of before and afters. 

I also love to see how a room has changed or evolved as time passes. 

Once my latest project was all done ("new" kitchen table and chairs) and shining in their place, I looked for pictures of how this room used to look. 

This is not a room; that's a formal way to name this small space or passageway between the kitchen and the family room.

The picture below shows the white canvas we encountered as we moved into our new home. 
The empty space beside the kitchen island would soon hold the table.

The first decorating move I got into was to paint those walls!

Ha, the 90's called for vibrant colors, and yeah,

I tackled them. :)  

Lots of green, terracotta, and red accents to celebrate Valentine's.

I gave my husband the task of finding a breakfast set, and he sure did. He found this brand new set, oval table, and four chairs; around $220 sounded perfect.

remodelando la casa kitchen before.

Time flew!

The chunky seat cushion my toddler used to be comfortable with at dinner time was not needed anymore.

The tabletop cracked, and the chairs fell apart after fixing them many times with glue.

Ten years of good use were evident on the breakfast set and the whole space. :(
Kitchen makeover on a budget
That's when I decided to change the kitchen, and Oh boy,

it was scary.

That's when I found out blogs existed.


And I got good ideas from them.

It was not easy; it almost took me a year to complete the whole makeover, but it was done.

The breakfast area got new chairs, a new light fixture, and the only table I could find at a decent price ($50) on Craiglist.
parson's chairs in breakfast room

After living with this set for a year, I thought the chairs' backs were too high. They blocked the view from the kitchen to the family room and vice-versa. I began thinking about trimming their backs.

You're right. That was not a good idea.

Instead of trimming their backs, I searched high and low for another set of economical chairs.

old brown wooden chair before and after of being sprayed painted

Four old, small, and reasonably good-conditioned chairs came home to be transformed with spray paint. 

Another Craiglist finds for only $5 apiece.
sprayed painted chairs in breakfast room - light lime color

I loved the chairs, the color, the size...

But then, the table was the one that did not fit quite right.

I covered it with pretty tablecloths.

breakfast room makeover, new pink light drum shade

But behind closed doors, I began looking for a new table.

And you know, that takes time.

The ad I was waiting for appeared one year and a half after beginning my search.

Four free chairs and a table.

Yes, you know... Craiglist again.

After giving the table and chairs a needed makeover.
French country breakfast set

This is how the new breakfast room looks.
French country breakfast room set

It is about time to give the kitchen island a brighter color. Blue? Green? Red? What color comes to your mind?

You can check the new color I gave the kitchen Island right HERE.


  1. Cristina, I LOVE the transformation....I can't bring myself to paint my kitchen, but I KNOW I would love it. Anywho, I think you need a rug under the table....I know, rugs under dining room tables are a disaster...that is why I love are so inexpensive they are darn near disposable. I noticed they had round rugs. I have started adding pops of 'cool reds" in my house and I am loving it...maybe a red rug?

  2. You have one of my favorite kitchens I've ever seen. It is gorgeous, Cristina. You are such a great designer and diy'er.

  3. Loved this passage through time. I vote for a green or blue island, and I also liked Beck's idea of a rug under the table, red would be fun!

  4. Love the evolution of your kitchen! Frankly I wouldn't change the island color but I understand - blue is my color choice!

  5. Oh I love it just the way it is. Great transformation and I think it is just about perfect.

  6. I love your table and chairs! You did good. About your island paint color, I don't know. I like all those colors. I guess whichever one makes the most sense with what you have.

  7. Looks great! I would try a Navy Blue island? Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  8. cristina can you please tell me where you purchase those grey drapes they seem very long.

    1. Hi Rose, they were custom made during one of my trips to Colombia. I don't even know what kind of fabric is that. Sorry about it! :(

  9. I love your kitchen and it was fun to see the transformation over time.

  10. You are such a good seeker of deals and definitely know how to pull it all together! Cheers to your wonderful sense of style Cristina!

  11. Thanks ladies! Rose Arroyo, those drapes were custom made while one of my trips to Colombia. They're very long, I think 101", I couldn't find them in that size in any store that I could afford.

  12. Great transformations....beautiful kitchen and breakfast area...and truthfully, I love the island the way it is...

  13. Cristina ! Me encanta el gran cambio de esa cocina , desde el colorido hasta casda una de las sillas , esa hermosa mesa , las cortinas , todo perfectamente combinado

  14. It looks beautifu! And I think a pop of pretty much any color you love would look great. A pop of red would look amazing, that is my favorite color. Can't wait to see what you choose!

  15. The transformation has been amazing and I love what you have now. Your kitchen is fabulous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

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