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Beautiful Home Tour -1

The weekend was so beautiful I spent most part of it outdoors enjoying the nice temperatures. I also made plans with my SIL to go visit some model homes. She's right now updating her basement and we thought why not go and get some ideas, these model homes are located very close to our homes.

So, we met Saturday afternoon at this beautiful home, hoping to tour this and five more homes, but alas, time flew by and we hardly finished touring this alone. To make matters worst, the memory card I brought with my camera didn't work, so I had to take pics with my phone.

The bricked exterior, in my opinion, sums up very well the color pallet used throughout all the rooms inside this lovely home.

Once we passed the front door, the living room was on our left. I loved how they played with the circle figures in this room.

The formal dining room was on the right. Both rooms complimented each other very well. In the above picture, you can take a little peek at the butler's pantry, connecting the kitchen to this room.

If you skip the previous rooms, you can continue straight ahead to the kitchen/family room at the end, but before reaching that point, you'll find the staircase to go upstairs on the right.

The studio with this beautiful built-in bookcase is the first sight you'll get on the left side. I love the transom above the door.

The light fixture makes such a great statement in this room.

A beautiful desk and map art on the wall complete the decor.

We continued to the back of the main floor where the kitchen, family, and sun room converge. The above picture of the family room was taken between the breakfast table and the kitchen island.

The fireplace is the focal point in this room.

I loved the light fixtures in the kitchen, a white kitchen with a dark kitchen island. Somehow I wasn't impressed by the products used in this kitchen and by the overall value of this home.

It had all the necessities and cute decor but I wasn't fond of the microwave above the stove or the backsplash tile they used.

It had good storage space on this wall that ended with the refrigerator on the other side.

The kitchen table in the center of it all seemed a bit cramped too. I loved the wingback chairs on each end.

The sunroom by the side of the kitchen brought lots of light to this big space. Though I think is not fun to have a garage as the main view when you're entertaining in this gorgeous room.

I loved the fabric in this tufted round ottoman.

We then went ahead to the top of the house, not the second story, but one more level above it, what would be the attic. The staircase leads you to a craft room/lounge space. 

A sewing room's on the right and boy oh boy, I was all gaga about it! I wish I have something like that in my home.

A set space for my sewing machine and storage for my fabrics.

On the other side of this loft area, there's a big sofa/sitting area for when I get tired. :)  Beautiful rug!

All this level is like an open concept with the craft room/lounge space on one side and the bedroom /bathroom on the other side. Again, love the rug and the hardwood floors throughout the whole house.

Well, that's the end of the first part of the tour. For the second and final part, the bedrooms and basement, click HERE

See you then!


  1. Realmente esa casa es realmente linda ! Hermoso linpving, cocina y sala de estar !!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love home tours.

  3. I agree with you about the kitchen. Love the wingback chairs too.

  4. Lovely! I love all of the chunky lamps that are in the house, especially those black floor lamps. Thanks for sharing!


  5. This blouse. I've had plans to make an official pattern for that top since I first made it. I even bought fabric (years ago) for the job, as encouragement. Ha. In cleaning out my sewing room this weekend, I found a partial pattern of the blouse--just the back--and I decided it was time to knock that project off the list. Time to break out the pattern drafting tools and my sloper!bridgett

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