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Halloween Mantel with Crows on a Gate

Well, let me tell you, I was thinking on posting today a Fall mantel, and that's what I first began working on when I saw these pieces of wood in my garage (Picture below left). Those two pieces are the remnants of a crib. I used the back of this crib and part of the sides on the daybed for the guest room, the base has also been used as a decoration, you can see it here in the dining room.
So, these two pieces looked to me as a gate and I thought why not to use a gate as a mantel decoration?! Posts with finials were added, and the finials are from a curtain rod I haven't used like in 13 years! Ha, thirteen sounds good for Halloween.  ;)

But of course, a gate needs hinges and latches, so I got those too, and no, they're not real. ;) As soon as the hardware was cut and glued to the gate, this is how it looked.

After checking all the stuff-decorations I have for Fall and Halloween, that's when the crows on a gate theme appeared. This is my first ever Halloween mantel, I think I can live with it until Halloween arrives.
Oh, another repurposed item were the vases, those are the "small" spools my husband brought from work.

The crows got perched on the gate.

A lonely owl keeps guard on the dead branches.

And the flowers turned black.

You can check how to make the Halloween banner right HERE.

I think I'm gettind ready for Halloween, how about you?!

All the pumpkins were bought at Target.



  1. You are just so creative. I love the way you repurposed the crib parts. I bet your kids love your mantle.

  2. Love it all..I go all out for fall, but my halloween consists of sticking out a few ceramic jack-o-lanterns. I may have to kick it up this year....

  3. I LOVE your mantel, Cristina! Using the end of the crib as a gate was pure genius!! Pinning and sharing! XO

  4. I love the little gate with the birds. Fabulous! Thank you.

  5. Hola Cristina querida !! Eres demasiado creativa !! Está de miedoooooi

  6. You could use that gate to decorate for lots of different holidays!

  7. Can I just say how cute and creepy all at the same time? I love it! :)

  8. haha I love it! You are way ahead of me!

  9. You know Cristina - I almost gasp every single time I come by - this is really fantastic !!!

  10. Wow! So much creativity here. Love it!...Christine

  11. I love how you used the crib ends as a gate...ingenious! Love it!

  12. Love your gate! What a perfect Halloween mantel!

  13. Hello Cristina, I am writing to you from Germany. I saw your DIY-Idea and liked it, so I made one for myself. But instead for Halloween or Thanksgiving I made my Banner for Christmas. I had to change a few little details, beginning with the size of the pieces. It was really difficult to get those fruit or vegetable Trays here in Germany. The ones that I got were a lot smaller, so I had to become smaller with the "tiles". Anyway, the outcome after a few hours work is stunning. Thank you for this idea! And in chase I will ever find out how to post pictures in this Comment, I´ll show you ;-) Many greetings, Evelyn.

  14. Evelyn H, Thank you so much taking the time to write about your project, that is something I really love. Knowing that the projects I work into turn into creative venues for my readers. I would love to see your project! You can send the pics to my email address remodelandolacasa at gmail dot com

  15. Cristina,

    I love your mantel. How awesome is that gate. I miss having a fireplace for this reason. Your Halloween decor looks awesome.

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